7 percent surge of HOSCO’s slab production

Mining News Pro - HOSCO increased the production of slab by 7.1 percent after achieving the quality record for the product in the first two months.

A new daily record is set for Mobarakeh Steel in slab transportation

Mining News Pro - After mass production of slabs with of 300 mm of thickness, the slab preparation unit set a new record for the transfer of slabs from external warehouses to hot rolling section in one day.

Improvement in the daily record of slab production of KSC

Mining News Pro - Khuzestan Steel Company improved the daily production record of steel slab.

A new monthly record of slab production for HOSCO

Mining News Pro - HOSCO succeeded to create a new record in slab production.

Mobarakeh Steel Co. among the few producers of API slab in the world

Mining News Pro - Deputy of operation on MSC mentioned that this company is the only producer of API slab in Iran.

A good year for HOSCO/ Reaching over 1.5 million tons of slab production

Mining News Pro - Chief executive of Hormozgan Steel Co. said that slab exceeded its nominal capacity of 1.5 million tons in this company.

HOSCO slabs with the international quality

Mining News Pro - With the minimum surface defects (98.75%), Hormozgan Steel Company’s slab is one of the high quality products in the world in competitive markets.

Iran’s first 300mm slab has been produced by Oxin Steel Co

Mining News Pro - Oxin steel company is the first to produce 300mm slab in Iran which is the most large and resistant.

HOSCO: Slab production exceeded 139 thousand tons in the last 4 months

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel Company succeeded in producing 139,478 tons of slab in the last 4 months which is a new record.

17 Percent Jump in HOSCO’s Slab Production

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel Company is expected to sell about 1.35 million tons of slabs this year.

MSC: Slab Production Is Reaching 1.9 million Tons

Mining News Pro - In the first 3 months of the Persian year, Mobarakeh Steel Company saw a production jump in crude steel.

HOSCO: 1.3% Jump in Slab Production in the Past Year

Mining News Pro - CEO of Hormozgan Steel Company announced that this company produced 1460106 tons of slab in the past year (solar year) and due to the hard work of company’s workforce.

Hormozgan Steel Company’s Slab: One of the Most Valuable Mineral Export Products

Mining News Pro - HOSCO’s slab and MSC’s coil is among the most valuable export products Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries Special Economic Zone.

Reduction in Taiwan`s billet imports and Taiwan slabs in June

Mining News Pro - According to Taiwan customs clearance, the country shipped 132,000 tons of billets in June, down from last month.

Iran: KSC Concludes Tender for 70,000 MT Billet & Slab

Mining News Pro - Khouzestan Steel Company (KSC) - Iran’s largest steel exporter had invited tender for export of 30,000 MT billet and 40,000 MT slab. The tender floated was for mid Sep’18 and Aug’18 shipment respectively for which the due date for bid submission was 06 Jul’18 till 18:00 hrs.

Export Billet, Slab Prices Drop on Market Instability

Mining News Agency- Prices for Iranian steel billet and slab exports decreased in the week that ended on May 2, with customers targeting lower prices because of unstable conditions in the global billet market.

Iranian slab exports rise in 10 months ended Jan 20 y-o-y

Mining News Agency -According to the statistics, as of the 10 months ended January 20th, the exports of Iranian semi-finished steel were around 5.4 million tons, up by 89% year on year.

Iranian slab exports rise in first 9 months in 2017

Mining News Agency -According to the statistics released by Iranian Steel Producers Association (ISPA), the exports of Iranian slab totaled around 2 million tons in the first 9 months in 2017 (as of December 21st), up by 134% compared with the same period of last year.

Iran’s Miyaneh Steel adds square slab continuous casting machine to achieve high productivity

Mining News Agency -It is understood that National Iranian Steel Company (NISCO) has ordered a new square slab continuous casting machine from SMS Concast to be installed in the Miyaneh Steel plant.

MSC slab production exceeds 580,000 tons per month as Casting Machine No. 5 reaches nominal capacity

Mining News Agency- In the 30 days to November 21, 2017, hardworking personnel at the Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Unit of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) set new monthly and daily records and registered the highest utilization of Casting Machine No. 5 in cooperation with other units in the company and in line with MSC’s stated objective of reaching the nominal production capacity of 7.2 million tons of crude steel.

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