How to Cut Steel Industry’s CO2 Emissions

Mining News Pro - RMI reveals product-level carbon accounting guidance, giving corporations and steel companies the power to accelerate decarbonization of a sector contributing ~7 percent of global greenhouse gases.

Midhco focus on productivity and sustainable development

Mining News Pro - New plants of iron ore concentrate dewatering and concentrate dryer started to work in Zarand Steel Complex.

Human resource is irreplaceable

Mining News Pro - During a meeting with managers and heads of the industrial complex, chief executive of Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Complex said that human power is the irreplaceable capital and we will do our best to preserve the dignity and position of the workers.

China’s iron ore imports

Mining News Pro - China’s imports of iron ore in August rose 5.5% from the prior month, customs data showed on Wednesday, even as operating rates at blast furnaces only slightly improved.

A new pellet production record for KSC

Mining News Pro - After 4 years, Khuzestan Steel Company has reached a new record for pellet production in plant no. 1.

Nigeria to pay $496 million to settle claims over steel plants

Mining News Pro - Nigeria has agreed to pay $496 million to settle a multi-billion dollar claim from Global Steel Holdings Ltd following the termination of a contract to upgrade the country’s steel plants, the presidency said on Saturday.

Steel industry in for a new phase of evolution

Mining News Pro - The meeting stressed that macroeconomic policies should play an active role in expanding demand, and fiscal and monetary policies should effectively make up for the lack of social demand.

Iron ore price rises as Chinese steel mills ramp up output

Mining News Pro - The iron ore price rose on Thursday, as Chinese steel mills boosted production.

CEO who dubbed steel market a falling knife is calling a bottom

Mining News Pro - The CEO who warned at the beginning of the year that North America’s steel market was a “falling knife” is calling an end to the carnage.

Electric vehicle industry prizes steel over aluminum

Mining News Pro - Electric-vehicle makers are choosing steel over aluminum as the preferred metal for automotive bodies, says the top executive at the largest steel provider to the US car industry.

ESCO produces 12 new products

Mining News Pro - During a meeting with journalists, the chief executive of Esfahan Steel Company said that this company is ready for major constructional projects.

The Race to Remake the $2.5 Trillion Steel Industry With Green Steel

In the city of Woburn, Massachusetts, a suburb just north of Boston, a cadre of engineers and scientists in white coats inspected an orderly stack of brick-sized, gunmetal-gray steel ingots on a desk inside a neon-illuminated lab space.

Oxin Steel received an award in Iran’s 12th National Productivity Festival

Mining News Pro - Based on the evaluation of the scientific committee, Oxin Steel Company of Khuzestan won the title of the best steel project in the 12th National Productivity Festival.

11% growth in crude steel production in Mobarakeh-Sangan Steel Group

Mining News Pro - From the beginning of April to the end of June, the pellet production of Mobarakeh Steel Group (Mobarakeh and Sangan Steel Company) increased by 6.6 percent compared to the same period of the previous year to three million and 303 thousand tons.

A New Phase of Evolution with Steel Industry

Mining News Pro - The meeting stressed that macroeconomic policies should play an active role in expanding demand, and fiscal and monetary policies should effectively make up for the lack of social demand.

Special Oxin Steel products are crucial for Iran’s oil and gas industry

Mining News Pro - Khuzestan Oxin Steel began its operation in 2008 with the aim of meeting the country's need for API and special alloy sheets used in oil and gas industries.

49 percent surge in Sangan iron ore extraction

Mining News Pro - By extracting 5.99 million tons of iron ore during the first quarter of this year, Sangan Complex recorded a 49% increase in the extraction of this mineral compared to the same period last year.

C60 ingot production in Esfahan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - In line with the production of high added value productions, the production of C60 ingots was included in the steelmaking management program and 7000 tons of this sample were produced.

China plans iron ore giant to assert market control

Mining News Pro - China is planning a state-backed iron ore company to oversee everything from massive mine investments in West Africa to buying the steelmaking material from global suppliers, according to people familiar with the matter.

Hormozgan’s public prosecutor visited HSC

Mining News Pro - Ahmadi Manesh, the public prosecutor of Hormozgan province, visited Hormozgan Steel Company.

MSC surged the supply of its products into the domestic market

Mining News Pro - Domestic sales manager of Mobarakeh Steel Company said that in line with their goal to decrease the exports, the company was able to produce more HRC and increase their supply into domestic markets by 34%.

The Biggest Investment in Green Steel in the History

Mining News Pro - German steel producer will begin replacing its coal-fired blast furnaces with direct-reduction facilities that use green hydrogen to extract iron from iron ore

Electricity will Rescue the Steel Industry from Dirt

Mining News Pro - If Boston Metal can indeed scale its clean production process and access enough renewable electricity to run it, the company could help solve one of the world’s toughest challenges in controlling carbon emissions.

A new record for ESCO in molten cast iron production

Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel Company succeeded to produce 9805 tons of molten cast iron in the blast furnace section which is a new daily record for this company.

Hard Days of Steel Industry Continues

Mining News Pro - Steel industry is having critical situation during the recent months and all the companies are in a shadow of this position. some countries are making new rules for the matter.

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