Hormozgan Steel is the flagship of expense reduction

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel Company has the lowest cost of production among steel companies.

A new monthly record of slab production for HOSCO

Mining News Pro - HOSCO succeeded to create a new record in slab production.

GolGohar produces a remarkable share of Iran’s concentrate and pellet

Mining News Pro - GolGohar Company produce a total of 33 percent of concentrate and 25 percent of pellet in Iran.

GolGohar Mining produced more than 13.9 million tons of products

Mining News Pro - Golgohar Mining Company produced more than 13.9 million tons of products in the first half of this (Persian Calendar) year.

Steel’s path to go green will cost industry up to $278 billion

Mining News Pro - The world’s steel industry could eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 through ramping up recycling, using hydrogen for fuel and capturing carbon from older plants, according to a BloombergNEF study. But getting there won’t be easy.

The daily production of Chadormalu DRI mill exceeded 5208 tons

Mining News Pro - According to the statistics, the daily production of Chadormalu DRI mill exceeded 5208 tons.

MSC’s role in the construction of 10,000 megawatts of new power plant capacity

Mining News Pro - New power plants and solar plants of Mobarakeh Steel Company will be available in the next 3 years.

ESCO: A new record for steel sheets’ production

Mining News Pro - Rail plants has been equipped with new drills in order to increase the production of this products.

Quality increment for ESCO’s steel products

Mining News Pro - Steelmaking manager of Esfahan Steel Company said that the quality of company’s productions has had a remarkable increase.

Vale courts Latin steel mills again as China infatuation fades

Mining News Pro - Like its iron-ore rivals, Vale has understandably been obsessed with Chinese demand over the past two decades. Now the Brazilian miner is taking a fresh look in its own backyard.

BHP gets Australian shareholder support for climate plan

Mining News Pro - BHP Group said it had won approval for its climate roadmap on Thursday, overcoming a protest vote on concerns that some of the long-term plans lacked detail, with Australia-based shareholder proxies voting 86% in favour.

Iron ore price back below $100 on shrinking steel output in China

Mining News Pro - The iron ore price in China fell below 600 yuan ($93.75) per tonne for the first time in nearly a year due to loose supply conditions and poor demand outlook.

Sulfur, selenium self-healing insulator proves highly effective on steel

Mining News Pro - Researchers at Rice University and the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology have developed a sulfur and selenium insulator that works as a surprisingly effective anticorrosive coating for steel.

In race to net zero, being small or diverse foils metal makers

Mining News Pro - A look at the underachievers in a new decarbonization ranking of metal producers shows size, location and metal type all matter, while diversification has its downside.

Iron ore price lowest since September on Chinese steel curbs

Mining News Pro - Iron ore price slipped on Monday due to sluggish demand at steel mills stemming from Chinese mandated output cuts, while Beijing’s coal price controls also weighed on sentiment.

Aurizon to acquire One Rail Australia

Mining News Pro - Aurizon has signed an agreement with Macquarie Asset Management to acquire One Rail Australia (ORA) for $2.35 billion.

Anglo American initiative gives rubber waste new life

Mining News Pro - Anglo American has announced a new initiative to transform rubber waste products such as used mining truck tyres and conveyor belts into useable raw materials.

China’s steel group says must ensure supply, control price in volatile market

Mining News Pro - The China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) said on Saturday that industry players must ensure supply while keeping prices stable in what is a “complex, volatile, unstable and uncertain market situation.”

Fortescue sets Scope 3 targets, hopes green hydrogen will help

Mining News Pro - Iron-ore major Fortescue Metals this week announced a target to achieve net zero Scope 3 emissions by 2040, addressing emissions across its entire global value chain, including crude steel manufacturing which accounts for 98% of the company’s Scope 3 emissions.

Australia says iron ore price expected to reach $150 by late 2021

Mining News Pro - The iron ore price is expected to reach $150 per tonne by late 2021, before falling to $93 per tonne by the end of 2022, according to a report released by Australia’s department of industry, science, energy & resources.

Iron ore price brings growing business back to Earth

Mining News Pro - Iron ore prices have dropped below $US100 per tonne for the first time since early November 2020, bringing promising Australian projects to unfeasible standstills.

Sangan Steel follows its plan despite the difficulties

Mining News Pro - Deputy of Operation of Sangan Steel Company said that despite the difficulties like concentrate supply and electricity outage, the company followed and realized the plans as expected.

Highest record of daily pellet production for Sangan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - Sangan Steel Co. succeeded to produce the highest amount of pellet in one day.

HOSCO steel production growth in Q1

Mining News Pro - CEO of HOSCO mentioned the good performance of the company in slab and DRI production in the first three months.

Importance of development in HOSCO

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel evaluation meeting was held virtually with the presence of the CEO, deputies, managers of Hormozgan Steel and evaluators of Mobarakeh Steel.

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