IMPASCO holds one-stage public tender with qualitative evaluation

Mining News Pro - IMPASCO holds a one-stage public tender with qualitative evaluation for performing light transportation in Tabas Coal Complex.

IMPASCO received productivity leaders’ awards

Mining News Pro - In the 7th National Award for Mining Productivity and Mining Industries, IMPSACO succeeded to gain a 3-star award of efficiency award.

Production Jump in IMPASCO’s Assigned Companies

Mining News Pro - According to the CEO of IMPASCO, the assigned companies experienced an increase in their production.

IMPASCO’s Serious Actions for Localization

Mining News Pro - According to the company, localization is one of the important factors if the country intends to reach stability and development in industry and mining sector.

IMPASCO: Copper Can be Used Against Covid-19

Mining News Pro - Advisor to CEO of National Iranian Copper industries company mentioned in a note that copper is a strong weapon for fighting coronavirus.

IMPASCO Looking for Private Sector Participation in Mining Operations

Mining News Pro - Deputy of exploration and exploitation of IMPASCO said that the company started mine identification in 21 exploration area with 89,000 square kilometers.

IMPASCO: Registering 49 Mining Areas in South Khorasan

Mining News Pro - IMPASCO’s Vice President of Exploration announced that this company has registered 49 mining areas in South Khorasan, Iran.

Memorandum of Understanding Has Inked Between IMPASCO and SSIC to Revitalize Small Scale Mines

Mining News Pro - In line with the policies of IMIDRO and Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Iranian Iran Mineral Processing and Processing Company and Social Security Investment Company.

Bright Outlook For IMPASCO, Company Becomes a Pioneer in Explorations

Mining News Pro - CEO of IMPASCO: “According to our long-term plan, our company will become one of the innovative and pioneers of exploration and development of minerals and mining products until 2015.”

Value of Impasco’s Mining Resources Are Now $5.73 Billion

Mining News Pro - “Value of Impasco Mining Resources are $5.73 billion. The value of explored mining resources are about 2.18 million tons which includes poly metal, iron ore, coal and brines,” said CEO of Impasco.

IMPASCO Becomes a Reference Company in Mining Exploration in 6 Years

Mining News Pro - With synergy, Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) will become a reference company in mining exploration, extraction and processing.

IMPASCO Was Announced as the Best Explorer in South Khorasan

Mining News Pro - CEO of IMPASCO was announced as the best mining explorer in South Khorasan.

IMPASCO: Exploration Needs Financial Support

Mining News Pro - CEO of IMPASCO said that 40 million people are working in small scale mine. 98 percent of mines in Iran are small scale and contain 65 percent of production. Therefore, despite the large mines like Gol Gohar, Sar Cheshmeh copper mine, etc. these mines should not be ignored.

Development of IMPASCO Explorations

Mining News Pro - CEO of Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company: “Our explorations has been developed in 2018 by 50 percent.”

IMPASCO: Improving the Environmental Standards

Mining News Pro - Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) has always tried to improve its environmental standards beside producing mining materials.

Public Investment Auction for Mining Exploration by IMPASCO

Mining News Pro - Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company intends to hold an auction for the mining exploration in Kahdelan, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

Subsidiaries of IMPASCO No Longer in the List of Air Pollutants

Mining News Pro - Also the company tries to remove the Esfordi Phosphate Complex from the pollutants` list.

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