Copper market needs more than China’s covid stimulus measures

Mining News Pro - Copper prices in China have barely budged since the central bank cut interest rates and the government announced 33 measures to rescue the economy from the clutches of its Covid Zero policy.

Court ruling allows Hudbay Minerals to move Copper World project forward in Arizona

Mining News Pro - Canada’s Hudbay Mineral has scored a small but key win in the United States after an Arizona judge ruled in favour of the company’s planned Copper World mine.

Copper price dips as investors fear economic slowdown

Mining News Pro - The copper price fell on Tuesday, pressured by fears of slowing global economic growth.

Chile to cushion the blow of glacier ban on giant copper mines

Mining News Pro - Chile’s government is looking at a gradual implementation for a proposed ban on mining near glaciers in order to limit the impact on some of the world’s biggest copper mines and their planned projects high in the Andes.

Copper price rebounds as China eases covid restrictions

Mining News Pro - Copper prices rose on Thursday, buoyed by easing covid-19 restrictions in China.

Copper price down on bets of big US rate hikes

Mining News Pro - Copper prices fell on Wednesday, as bets of big US rate hikes following hawkish comments from Federal Reserve officials, and a recent batch of weak economic readings from China put the focus back on global economic growth concerns.

Horizons Copper ETF ready to trade on the TSX

Mining News Pro - The Horizons ETF Copper Producers Index ETF (TSX: COPP) is set to go live for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on May 17, providing a new option for investors to gain passive exposure to the world’s C$2 billion-plus market cap copper producers.

Chile copper mines dodge radical changes as Convention vote ends

Mining News Pro - Major copper producers from BHP Group to Freeport-McMoRan Inc. will likely avoid drastic changes in the way they do business in Chile as writers of a new constitution wrapped up deliberations on mining proposals.

Failed eruptions play a role in the creation of porphyry copper deposits

Mining News Pro - Porphyry copper deposits are largely produced by mechanisms similar to those causing large volcanic eruptions, new research by the University of Geneva has found.

Chile’s climate scientist minister eyes tougher rules for top copper mining nation

Mining News Pro - Chile’s Environment Minister Maisa Rojas, a leading climate scientist with a PhD from Oxford who made the leap into politics this year, is on a mission to strengthen the Andean country’s environmental rules and hold mining firms to account.

Copper stocks are building again, weighing on prices

Mining News Pro - After a brutal two weeks that saw the copper price at an 8-month low, the bellwether metal bounced on Friday, but a new report says headwinds will only get stronger over the rest of the year.

Once-forsaken copper country is back in the spotlight

Mining News Pro - Mining investors are stampeding back into a region many had seemed determined to leave.

Hudbay suffers major Rosemont copper project setback in Arizona

Mining News Pro - Canada’s Hudbay Minerals has suffered a fresh setback in its bid to build the Rosemont open pit copper project in Arizona following a decision by the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit declining to overturn a 2019 decision that blocked the project.

Peru community wants its land back, threatening Chinese copper mine

Mining News Pro - The community of Fuerabamba in the Andean region of Peru was resettled eight years ago to make way for a giant Chinese-owned copper mine, in a $1.2 billion scheme billed as a model solution to protests dogging the South American nation’s mining sector.

Copper price hits 8-month low on slowdown fears

Mining News Pro - Copper prices tumbled on Thursday to their lowest in 8 months as traders worried that a slowing global economy would require less metal.

Copper price recovers as China covid cases ease

Mining News Pro - Copper price rebounded on Wednesday as slowing covid-19 infections in top metals consumer China eased near-term demand concerns, even as enduring pandemic-related lockdowns weighed on sentiment.

Vedanta agrees to suspend lawsuits over Zambia copper mines

Mining News Pro - Billionaire Anil Agarwal’s Vedanta Resources Ltd. confirmed it has agreed to suspend legal action to reclaim copper mines Zambia seized three years ago, pending talks to settle the dispute.

Miners turn to bacteria and other new ways to leach copper from waste rock

Mining News Pro - Rio Tinto Ltd, Freeport-McMoRan Inc and other global miners, spurred by rising prices and demand, are deploying a raft of new leaching technologies that can extract low concentrations of copper from waste rock and help avoid lengthy mine permitting delays.

Barrick Gold eyes more copper assets in Africa

Mining News Pro -Barrick Gold wants to add more copper assets to its African portfolio due to a looming deficit and high prices for the industrial metal, which is also a key component in the making of electric vehicles (EVs) and vital to the renewables sector.

Zambia ends legal spat with Vedanta over seized copper mines

Mining News Pro - Zambia has agreed to end legal action against billionaire Anil Agarwal’s Vedanta Resources Ltd. as President Hakainde Hichilema seeks to revive mining output in the southern African country.

Imperial Metals speeds up work to reopen Mount Polley copper mine

Mining News Pro - Imperial Metals is aiming to reopen its Mount Polley copper-gold mine in British Columbia, Canada, before the end of June, buoyed by high prices for the metal and a looming deficit.

Copper price near 8-month low on tightening lockdowns in China

Mining News Pro - Copper prices fell to their lowest in almost eight months on Monday, as tightening lockdowns in China stoked worries about demand, with a stronger dollar further weighing on the market.

EPA deals fresh blow to PolyMet’s $1 billion copper-nickel mine

Mining News Pro - The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has dealt a fresh blow to PolyMet Mining’s plans to build an open pit copper-nickel mine in Minnesota, by recommending the US Army Corps of Engineers not re-issue a key water-related permit.

Copper price slips as US dollar hits 20-year high

Mining News Pro - The copper price fell on Friday as the US dollar rose to a 20-year high and as global equities tumbled on worries over a higher interest rate environment hurting global growth.

Copper price hits 8-month low on slowdown fears

Mining News Pro - Copper prices tumbled on Thursday to their lowest in 8 months as traders worried that a slowing global economy would require less metal.

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