Johnson Matthey secures raw materials for European cathode plants

Mining News Pro - British multinational speciality chemicals and sustainable technologies company Johnson Matthey (JM) on Monday announced that it would scale up its battery materials business and said that it had secured long-term supply of critical minerals for its European facilities.

PFS into cathode powder proves positive for Lithium Australia

Mining News Pro - A prefeasibility study (PFS) by the subsidiary of ASX-listed Lithium Australia, VSPC, into a lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) cathode powder has confirmed the project’s robust economics.

Excelsior produces first copper cathode at Gunnison

Mining News Pro - Excelsior Mining’s Gunnison copper project in Arizona has produced its first copper cathode. The in-situ recovery (ISR) operation is expected to sell the first copper cathodes in January 2021.

Nicico reports;

Increase in Copper Cathode and Anode Production by the End of July

Mining News Pro - CEO of National Iranian Copper Industries Company announced that by producing 91,080 tons of cathode and 121,202 tons of anode, the production of these two products is ahead of the company’s plan by 6% and 11%, respectively.

Why LFP cathode material is making a comeback

Mining News Pro - A previously side-lined EV battery cathode material – LFP, composed of lithium iron and phosphate – has come to the forefront in 2020, thanks to its safety, low cost, and the simplified battery pack design that it allows, a white paper published by Roskill reveals.

American Manganese starts testing recycled cathode material

Mining News Pro - American Manganese announced that the company’s independent contract lab, Kemetco Research, has begun testing cathode material from disassembled electric vehicle battery packs supplied by the Critical Material Institute, an energy innovation hub led by the Ames Laboratory and supported by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

American Manganese’s cathode recycling process yields high purity nickel-cobalt hydroxide

Mining News Pro - American Manganese continues to run experiments related to its plans to produce NMC cathode material using its proprietary RecycLiCo process.

NICICO in Five Years: More Than 400 Thousand Tons of Copper Cathode Production

Mining News Pro - CEO of National Iranian Copper Industries Company said that the company already hit the last year’s export in the first half of this year and hopes that the export situation will get better in H2. He believes that mining operations of NICICO must reach over 350 mt.

NICICO Produced the Highest Number of Copper Cathode in Iran

Mining News Pro - National Iranian Copper Industries Company has produced 110 thousand tons of copper cathode in the first five months of the year.

NICICO: 26 Percent Growth in Copper Cathode Production

Mining News Pro - CEO of National Iranian Copper Industries Company said: “In the first four month of this year, our company succeeded to increase the cathode production by 26 percent. The production volume reached 90.5 thousand tons.

Production of more than 223 Thousand Tons of Copper Cathode by NICICO

Mining News Pro - “In the first eleven months of this year, our company has produced 223 thousand 430 tons of copper cathode which had 13 percent growth compared to last year.” said the planning and supervision manager of National Iranian Copper Industries Company.

Lithium Australia progresses towards producing cathode powders in Europe

Mining News Pro - Lithium Australia has identified a metallurgical process route which may provide security for the European renewable energy industry.

200 Thousand Tons of Cathode Produced in the First 10 Month

Mining News Pro - Iran National Copper Industry Co. succeeded to produce 200 Thousand Tons of Cathode Produced in the First 10 Month.

18% increase in production of copper cathode production in the first 7 months of the year against the monthly / monthly production schedule of the "Fomli" in the month of October / Production was unprecedented from the start up.

Mining News Pro - Saad Abdi, director of copper company`s planning and supervision, said that in October of this year, Iran National Copper Industry Co.Industry Company, with 25 percent increase over the program (17,827 tons), managed to produce 22,886 tons of cathode copper.

Production of NICICO cathode in the first half of the year amounted to 115 thousand tons / 82% of anode production

Mining News Pro - During the first six months of 2018, the production of copper and copper cathodes of the Iran National Copper Industry Co. grew by 82% and 70%, respectively.

Lithium Australia cathode powders production ‘bypasses’ market oversupply

Mining News Pro - Lithium Australia is undertaking a feasibility study as it progresses further into its large-scale pilot plant (LSPP) development plans. The process is expected to be complete in March 2019.

Lithium Australia cathode performance to be tested by Chinese battery makers

Mining News Pro - Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode powders produced at Lithium Australia subsidiary the Very Small Particle Company (VSPC) will be tested by battery-cell makers in China in the coming fortnight

Copper cathode pioneered commodity trading / 2% increase in cathode prices on previous day trading

Mining News Pro - Yesterday the value of Buscala`s trades to the "Copper Cathode" of the National Iranian Copper Industries Company was estimated at 31.428.571 USD

Director of Stock and Investment Affairs and Assemblies of Copper Company:

We hope the exchange rate will change in copper pricing modalities / The national copper production plan will be 220,000 metric tons of cathode by the end of the year / the maximum requirement is estimated at 120,000 tons.

Mining News Pro - Behroz Rahmati, director of affairs and investment and copper companies said: "Given the trend of global prices, the export situation, the possibility of commodity price liberalization, and The Outlook of Fomly is very clear.

An increase of 65 percent anode and 62 percent copper cathode production

Mining News Pro - The production of anode and copper cathodes increased by 65% ​​and 62% during the first four months of the year.

The cathode copper production record is broken this year/A positive outlook for NICICO

Mining News Pro - Behrouz Rahmati, a consultant managing director and director of corporate affairs, investment and assemblies of copper, said: Despite the general context of the global economy driven by tariff conflicts between the United States and other economic powers, including the EU and China, the prospect of a "femile" is positively evaluated.

The National Copper Corporation`s cathode production ranking will be 10-ply

Mining News - The general meeting of the General Assembly of the National Iranian Copper Industries Company (NICICO) was held with the participation of the CEO of Copper Co., members of the board of directors, chief executives of the copper company and a group of major shareholders.

The 16% increase in the production of the cathode produced by the NICICO was determined by the program

Mining News - By the end of June this year, the National Iranian Copper Industry Company (NICICO) has produced over 53,000 tons of copper cathode, up from 49.7 percent year-on-year.

More than 13% growth of the cathode production in Miduk Cooper Complex

Mining News -At the production meeting of Babak Copper Complex, which was attended by Baniasadirad, the CEO of Copper Company, Ali Mohammadi, a member of the board of directors of the copper company and senior managers of the Copper Copper Shabbak Company, emphasized the growth of more than 13% of the cathode production of the complex.

For the First Time in the World;

Producing First Copper Cathode by Tank Bioleaching in MIDHCO

Mining News Agency -Today (12 March 2018) the first copper cathode produced by the Tank Bioleaching method of the copper and the copper cathode complex of Babak Mes Iranian Co. Ali Asghar Pourmand, CEO of MIDHCO holding and number of managers and experts were present there.

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