DeepGreen hits backs at firms opposing seafloor mining

Mining News Pro - Canada’s DeepGreen Metals, a seafloor mining hopeful that recently announced plans to go public, is hitting back at companies including Google and BMI for committing to not buy minerals extracted from the seafloor until the environmental risks of the activity are “comprehensively understood.”

Seafloor mining hopeful DeepGreen to merge with ESG-minded SPAC

Mining News Pro - DeepGreen, a Canadian developer of battery metals from seafloor polymetallic nodules in the Pacific Ocean, has announced its planned listing through a merger with NYSE-listed Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corp (SOAC).

Seafloor miner DeepGreen plans listing through SPAC merger

Mining News Pro - Seafloor mining hopeful DeepGreen Metals is planning to go public through a merger with Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition fund (SPAC) focused on ESG, energy and metals.

DeepGreen partners with scientists on seafloor discovery program

Mining News Pro - DeepGreen Metals announced Tuesday it has formed partnerships with scientific research institutions and universities on its deep-sea discovery program to characterize the potential impacts of lifting polymetallic nodules from the bottom of the Clarion Clipperton Zone (CCZ) of the Pacific Ocean.

Extracting battery metals from seafloor may beat traditional mining

Mining News Pro - Mining battery metals from the ocean floor could potentially eliminate or dramatically reduce most of the environmental and social impacts associated with the extraction of riches from the Earth’s surface, a new study claims.

DeepGreen to make run for battery metals from seafloor

Mining News Pro - DeepGreen Metals, a Canadian start-up planning to extract cobalt and other battery metals from the seafloor, has added a new area to its seabed portfolio, which it believes could potentially help it solve the bottleneck supply of critical battery metals needed for the world’s green energy transition.

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