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Volvo using NVIDIA technology to test & validate its autonomous mining trucks

Volvo using NVIDIA technology to test & validate its autonomous mining trucks
Mining News Pro - At its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo Group this week announced that it is using the NVIDIA DRIVE end-to-end autonomous driving platform to train, test and deploy self-driving AI vehicles, targeting public transport, freight transport, refuse and recycling collection, construction, mining, forestry and more.

According to Mining News Pro - By injecting AI into these industries, Volvo Group and NVIDIA say they can create amazing new vehicles and deliver more productive services.

The two companies are co-locating engineering teams in Gothenburg and Silicon Valley. Together, they will build on the DRIVE AGX Pegasus platform for in-vehicle AI computing and utilise the full DRIVE AV software stack for 360-degree sensor processing, perception, map localisation and path planning. They will also test and validate these systems using the NVIDIA DRIVE hardware-in-the-loop simulation platform.

Speaking to 150 investors and media at the company’s annual event for the capital-markets community, Volvo Group CEO Martin Lundstedt praised its long partnership with NVIDIA, which continues to develop.

“Partnership is the new leadership,” he said, with NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang beside him on stage. “If we are to succeed in the future with the speed, quality and safety, and to gain benefits of autonomous driving, we need to partner up with the best guys. In this world of unknowns, you need a partnership built on trust.”

Huang called the Volvo Group partnership a landmark for the trucking industry — the largest, most far-reaching of its kind — which will point the way to the future of transportation infused with technology.

“Our two industries have been separate since their founding,” he said. “Today we announced one partnership to develop the future together. For the first time, we can imagine supplying  AI for something that wasn’t possible before, the automation of transportation.”

Volvo Group will be utilising NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation to test and validate AVs, ensuring they can handle diverse operating challenges all over the world.

By leveraging hardware-in-the-loop simulation, the companies can test the autonomous driving systems on the same hardware and software that will run in the vehicle, at a significantly greater scale.

“With a partnership capable of delivering crucial autonomy at a global level, NVIDIA and Volvo Group are ready for the long haul.”

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