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The UAE`s 16 million-ton bauxite production capacity in Guinea

The UAE`s 16 million-ton bauxite production capacity in Guinea
Mining New Pro - The Emirates Aluminum Company`s managing director announced the signing of an agreement on the supply of bauxite to India’s Vedanta, saying that bauxite delivery to the plant will begin in 2019.

The EGA Aluminum Co-Director, Abdullah Kalban, said the contract for supplying bauxite to Vedanta in India was due to begin, and the delivery of bauxite begins in 2019, according to a report from Mine News.

The UAE is expected to provide GDA Bauxite Mining Bauxite from Vendanta.

The UAE`s GAC bauxite mine capacity is 16 million tons per year in Guinea, and in 2017, nearly 125,000 metric tons of GAC-based bauxite from Vedanta will be delivered for testing, which is a good result.

FOB Guinea bauxite prices have reached $ 37.5 per day.

By moving aluminum manufacturers to produce their alumina and bauxite, the independent bauxite market in the future seems to be moving into momentous contracts instead of long-term contracts, and independent price indices will be required to be planned.

It is worth noting that the Emirates Aluminum Company EGA is implementing the Alumina powder production plant in Abu Dhabi.

The AlTaweelah Alumina Alumina Production Plant, which is being constructed in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is set to supply its bauxite from Guinea while providing 40% of the alumina needed by the Emirate EGA.

With the launch of the plant, alumina will be produced inside the UAE.

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