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MSC wins mining productivity award

MSC wins mining productivity award
Mining News Agency - The fifth conference of Mines and Mineral Industries Productivity Award was held at the Tarbiat Modares University in Tehran with a focus on “Productivity at the center of Competitiveness in Resistance-based Economy”.

Mining News - A project to indigenize and replace 16 hydrogen bases and industrial automation at Mobarakeh Steel Company’s Cold Rolling Unit was named top project in terms of raising productivity and was awarded an accolade.

The ceremony – which was attended by Managing Director of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization Mehdi Karbasian, Director of the National Iranian Productivity Organization Ali-Akbar Oliya together with managers and key players of the mining sectors – saw IMIDRO chief confer an accolade on Mobarakeh Steel Company, according to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter.

Later Karbasian addressed the ceremony and said the productivity award has found its way into Iranian organizations. “Productivity is a very sensitive issue, but Iran fares not so well in terms of this index, because little attention has been paid to productivity in the country. This applies to all parts of the industry sector, and not necessarily to the mining sector. One reason is that Iran has been heavily dependent on oil revenues.”

Mines and the mining sector account for 5-6 percent of the country’s GNP, but their share of the non-oil exports is 23 percent, he said, adding the prospects of the mining sector are bright.

He pointed to the 25-percent tariffs the US has decided to impose on steel imports and said the new US decision will stir up a storm in China and Europe.

Karbasian said the Sixth Development Plan has envisioned 9.3 percent growth in the industry sector and 8.8 percent in the mining sector, hoping the mining sector can materialize one-third of the projected figure through improved productivity.

As for training, he said, “We should admit that Iran is lagging behind the world as far as science and technologies are concerned. That’s why we need to have more interaction with the world. The fact is that achieving an 8.8 percent growth with the existing resources is impossible, so we have to absorb foreign investment in line with the Sixth Development Plan.”

The steel industry has fared well in the 12 months to March 20, 2018, producing 21 million tons of products, he said, adding the country exported eight million tons of steel products this year. “Iran has also become an exporter of sponge iron and concentrates.”

In conclusion, he said the mining sector can play an effective role in national economy. “The role universities play in this regard is instrumental. In fact, the greater part of universities’ revenues should come from the industry and production.”

Later, Director of the National Iranian Productivity Organization Ali-Akbar Oliya said that the country is facing tough competition in the production sector. “All companies are trying to cut their production costs. If we fail to be competitive, we will be marginalized. This poses a serious challenge to mining companies.” 

He further said that if we fail to overhaul the production process and the cost price, we will miss out on the opportunity to compete.

The official said we have worked out several targeted plans in order for productivity to account for one-third of economic growth.

The Sixth National Development Plan has envisioned 35 percent growth from productivity, he said, adding this figure should be materialized in all economic sectors. “Productivity accounts for 2.4 percent of the mining sector which is projected to post 8.8 percent growth.”

There are different tools for raising productivity, he said. “Awards are one competitive and motivational tool to that end. Productivity award is one of the main focuses of the National Iranian Productivity Organization. Similar awards in Japan, the US and Europe have set a productivity movement in motion. I hope this tool can be properly employed.”

The productivity process, which assessed as many as 45 projects from 22 mining companies, selected Mobarakeh Steel Company as top Iranian company in terms of productivity.

Following MSC’s achievement, Akbar Naderi, the head of the Annealing and Electrolytic Cleaning Lines at the Cold Rolling Mill who is also in charge of the project, said that 45 projects from 22 mining firms were reviewed and assessed by IMIDRO experts in the process to select top projects in terms of raising productivity. “Five top projects were praised for raising productivity, among them a project to indigenize and replace 16 hydrogen bases and industrial automation at Mobarakeh Steel Company’s Cold Rolling Unit. The MSC’s project was named top project in terms of raising productivity, being awarded an accolade.

He further said the project has been carried out on the back of tireless efforts by staff members at different parts of the company, adding it helped the company raise its production capacity and slash costs, thus remarkably improve productivity.

Naderi went on to say that the project in question got off the ground in the year to March 20, 2016 and came to an end this year. “The project is intended to raise production, both qualitatively and quantitatively, especially the share of products which are being sent to automotive companies. It also aims to produce coils which can increase the stretchability of steel sheets and their surface cleanliness.”

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