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Mining News Pro - On a typical workday, hundreds of thousands of men clad in overalls and carrying safety equipment and headlamps assemble at South Africa’s mine shafts. They crowd into cramped elevators to be lowered miles underground, where they hack at seams of gold or platinum and haul ore in intense heat and humidity. After hours of backbreaking labor, they return to the surface to shower in communal areas, and many share meals and bed down in crowded hostels.

Mining News Pro - China is ready to move on from the coronavirus and get back to business as usual.

Mining News Pro - The slowdown in China’s electric vehicle sector could have knock-on effects on the battery metals market in both the short and long run.

Mining News Pro - Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest has spent more than a decade feeding China’s steel-making boom — now he’s leveraging his ties there to source medical supplies for the battle against the coronavirus.

Mining News Pro - Chinese iron-ore futures picked up in early trade on Tuesday, rising more than 1% on demand hopes after the world`s second-biggest economy reported an unexpected growth in its factory activities in March.

Mining News Pro - China`s first iron-ore futures-based exchange traded fund (ETF) has raised $11-million from institutional investors and clients at private banks, according to the manager of the fund, which will list in Hong Kong on Friday.

Mining News Pro - After the coronavirus outbreak caused a nationwide shortage of face masks in January, Chinese officials were quick to ensure that Tesla Inc. wouldn’t be left without.

Mining News Pro - Copper prices plunged on Monday after China released a set of economic data showing the deepest declines on record for industrial production and fixed asset investment.

Mining News Pro - JPMorgan Chase & Co. made about $100 million trading nickel last year, according to people familiar with the situation, as it benefited from a price spike on the back of a Chinese-led supply squeeze.

Mining News Pro - Copper and iron ore prices have held up surprisingly well as markets in the West belatedly come to grips with the coronavirus pandemic and China shifts focus from containment to rebuilding its economy following more than two months of inactivity.

Mining News Pro - Albemarle, the world’s largest producer of lithium for electric vehicle batteries, said on Tuesday it is experiencing a “weak” first quarter in China, where most of the company’s processing facilities and customers are located.

Mining News Pro - China Nonferrous Mining Corp (CNMC) said late on Monday its parent had agreed to sell its 74.52% stake in the company to the group`s engineering arm for 7.36-billion yuan ($1.06-billion) in a restructuring move.

Mining News Pro - Moves by some of the world’s biggest banks to end coal financing for the sake of the planet was supposed to create major headaches for companies like Whitehaven Coal.

Mining News Pro - China’s industry ministry said on Friday metals firms should not seek to ramp up production at all costs and should “avoid vicious competition” with one another as they return to work in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Mining News Pro - China is close to granting approval to some of its biggest state-owned companies to start developing the northern area of Simandou in Guinea, one of the world’s largest untapped iron ore deposits, sources familiar with the process said on Thursday.

Mining News Pro - A copper smelting arm of China’s Western Mining has had its application for a force majeure certificate accepted after operations were affected by the coronavirus outbreak, an official from a regional trade body said on Tuesday.

Mining News Pro - Copper and iron ore prices surged on Monday on hopes that China, responsible for more than 70% of the world’s seaborne iron ore trade and half the world’s copper consumption, will spend massively on infrastructure and manufacturing to revive an economy devastated by the coronavirus.

Mining News Pro - While the prices of most major commodities are wilting in the face of the coronavirus spreading out of China, iron ore is rallying, proving that supply disruptions can overcome the bearish sentiment over the economic fallout of the epidemic.

Mining News Pro - Indian low-grade iron ore fines export market regained momentum this week with various deals being reported. Indian low-grade iron ore fines assessment has increased this week to USD 57-59/MT, CFR China as against last week`s assessment at USD 54-55/MT, CFR China. As per the sources Chinese mills are actively booking material for Mar/April shipments, in order to maintain their margins.

Mining News Pro - China’s GEM Co Ltd, best known as a recycler of batteries for electric vehicles and producer of cobalt chemicals used in them, said on Sunday it had been given a four-month licence to make disinfectant in coronavirus-hit Hubei province.

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