Production growth, development and employment in Gol Gohar Iron and Steel Development Company during the last two years
Mining News Pro - The company was chosen as top company of the year in Kerman.

According to Mining News Pro -Mohammad Mahyapour, CEO of GolGohar company said in an interview with Mining News Agency that due to the production growth, development and employment this company was chosen as the top unit in Kerman province, Iran.

“Fortunately, during the last two years had remarkable growth in all those fields. Currently there are 1500 employees in the company and we expect the DRI production to reach 3 million tons this year”, Mahyapour said.

“Since we have a good export market, the company’s priority is to supply domestic demands. That’s why we cooperate with companies like MSC and HOSCO and etc.”, he explained.

Mahyapour said that despite all the problems like coronavirus pandemic and currency supply, GolGohar continues its production as before and the only concern is energy infrastructures. Energy sector and industrial growths are not coordinated and energy sector is way behind.

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