IMPASCO: Registering 49 Mining Areas in South Khorasan
Mining News Pro - IMPASCO’s Vice President of Exploration announced that this company has registered 49 mining areas in South Khorasan, Iran.

According to Mining News Pro - Hesam Moghadamali, Vice President of Exploration at Iran Mineral Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) also said about 85,000 meters of drilling projects in South Khorasan.

The company intends to revive 16 mines and activate 25 other mines in the same province.

“Non-metallic capacity of South Khorasan is special in the country. In other countries, this platform creates capacity for the production of chemical parks. Currently we have 6 operation licenses, 4 exploration licenses and 16 others pending,” he said.

Moghadamali mentioned about 85,000 meters of drilling and explained that IMPASCO will satisfy investors to invest in these mines by its activities.

“South Khorasan is one of the pilot provinces for revivification, activation and development of small-scale mines’ projects,” he added.

He explained that 43% of mines in South Khorasan province are inactive. Currently the company revived 16 mines. There are 25 other mines in the province that IMPASCO intend to revive them in the future.

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