ESCO Ensures Mines Safety
Mining News Pro - Beside building industry, Esfahan Steel Company will ensure the safety of mines in Iran by producing standard products.

According to Mining News Pro - After ESCO succeeded to produce different types of railroads, this company succeeded to produce “mining rail type18”.

Amin Yousefzadeh, rolling engineer manager at Esfahan Steel Company announced the news and said that production of type R18 mine rails is to meet the country`s mining needs, diversify the products, and produce higher value-added products. This is ESCO’s target.

“This type of rail is produced according to European standards in accordance with customer demands. All production process including ingot casting, design of calibration and conductor, and other technology parts of this production line is done by our team in Esfahan Steel,” he explained.

Manager of rolling engineering at ESCO mentioned that all designing and production process is done in accordance with ISO9001 standards.

Iran used to import non-good quality Type18 Mine Rails.

“This type of rail is rare. The thinner the rail, the harder the production is; and because of this reason most companies in the world are not interested in producing these rails.