IMPASCO Becomes a Reference Company in Mining Exploration in 6 Years
Mining News Pro - With synergy, Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) will become a reference company in mining exploration, extraction and processing.

Vajihollah Jafari, CEO of Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) said: “Our starting point is mining exploration. Without exploration, there is no operation. We welcome private sector if they want to cooperate in mining exploration and operation. We believe that government should move alongside private sector and observe each other.”

“We do not invest on development of mining units, we concede the investment to the private sector, and eventually receive a share from mining activities,” he said.

Jafari mentioned the opening of Angooran Hydrogen Sulfide mine and production of 60 thousand tons of sulfur ore, initiation of Antimony mine operation in Heidar Abad, construction of processing plant with 12 thousand tons of copper concentrate production capacity.

“In Nakhlak lead mine, we used to produce 1800 tons of production before the association of private sector, but after it this number has increased to 12 thousand tons. The human resource increased from 150 to 3000 persons and finally it reached profitability.

Vajihollah Jafari said that we are hopeful for the future and we have long way to go.

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