IMPASCO: Exploration Needs Financial Support
Mining News Pro - CEO of IMPASCO said that 40 million people are working in small scale mine. 98 percent of mines in Iran are small scale and contain 65 percent of production. Therefore, despite the large mines like Gol Gohar, Sar Cheshmeh copper mine, etc. these mines should not be ignored.

According to Mining News Pro - Vajihollah Jafari, CEO of Iranian Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) said: “In this regard, the recovery plan of small scale mines are implemented, which is very vast.

He believes that employment and production in deprived areas are important issues for Iran.

“There are many solutions considered for reviving the small mines. One of them is the creation of a relationship between the manufacturer and the buyer and the market, as well as the guarantee of sales and purchases in this sector” he said.

“In some mines, the technology costs are very high and if the processing is not done because of transportation costs, it is not going to be economical. Therefore we have mobile processing units on the agenda.”

He believes that the research sector has a very long way ahead of itself.

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