Bangkok Steel and GE Conference: A Good Opportunity for Steel Exports and GE Imports
Mining News Pro - 4th Steel Scrap, Billet & DRI and 2nd Global Graphite Electrode will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 27-29, 2019 by SteelMint Event Organization.

According to Mining News Pro - 2nd Global Graphite Electrode Conference will discuss how graphite electrodes prices, needle coke supply and growing EAF importance are changing the market dynamics and creating new opportunities.

Key focus areas of this conference include: How will Iran deal with its GE requirements amid sanctions? ,China’s Graphite Electrode Demand and upcoming capacities, Global Graphite

ElectrodesPrice Trend and forecasts, Compare Chinese vis-à-vis UHP Grade GE global UHP electrodes, Chinese Steel Market 2020 EAF Capacity Scenario etc.

Also, 4th Steel Scrap, Billet & DRI Conference will focus on the changing dynamics of seaborne scrap trade by Vale dam tragedy, US-China trade war, the impact of falling exports from Iran on global scrap market.

Key focus areas are Chinese Steel Market 2020, Impact of Vale Disruption on global scrap prices, Iran Billet & DRI Exports 2020, Seaborne scrap Price Movement 2020, Emerging scrap import Markets in 2020 - South Asia and SE Asia, and etc.

More than 400 participants will attend this conference from America, Europe, Middle East, Pacific Asia, Australia and New Zealand. More than 20 speakers will participate in these conferences from around the world.

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