Exploring the Copper, Porphyrin and Streak Gold, and Metal in Three Provinces of Iran
Mining News Pro - IMPASCO’s member of the board of directors said: “In the recent years, Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company have had a major attention on exploration operations. In some parts of the country, the company found new resources of lead in Nakhlak region. Before these explorations, we had the lack of lead resources.”

According to Mining News Pro - “The active forces of Nakhlak complex have risen from 150 to 300 people”, Behrouz Borna, IMPASCO`s member of the board of directions, said.

He insisted in high mineral potentials in the East of Iran. “South Khorasan, Sistan, and Balouchestan are capable of metal mineralization and IMPASCO was able to find good resources of copper, porphyrin and streak gold, metal and antimony.”

“Sanctions are good opportunities. Maybe the process of mining will take more time without foreign companies, but it is possible considering well trained expert in the field of exploration and extraction.”

He added: “Currently, IMPASCO is active in 24 provinces of Iran and it has achieved satisfactory results in the field of mining exploration. One of the company`s comprehensive plans is to help rescuing and activating small scale mines.”

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