Production of more than 223 Thousand Tons of Copper Cathode by NICICO
Mining News Pro - “In the first eleven months of this year, our company has produced 223 thousand 430 tons of copper cathode which had 13 percent growth compared to last year.” said the planning and supervision manager of National Iranian Copper Industries Company.

According to Mining News Pro - Sad Abdi also said that during this period, Nicico has produced 286,380 tons of anodes. This means 20 percent growth comparing to the last year.

“In the past month, 28,526 tons of anode and 23,429 tons of cathode has been produced that according to the predicted plan, it had 25 percent growth”, Abdi said.

He also said that copper concentrate production also had a significant growth. During this period, the company produced 1 million and 90 thousand tons of copper concentrate.

Totally, Sungun, Shar-e Babak, and Sar-Cheshme copper mines realized 97 percent of this year’s plan by producing this volume of concentrate. By March 3, 2019, National Iranian Copper Industries Company will reach more than 300 thousand tons of copper, which is the highest production record for this company.

In addition, two export shipments to foreign countries have been carried out in February.

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