Russia will export electricity to Iran from 2019
Mining News Pro - The Russian Ministry of Energy announced that it will issue Iran with a trial in 2019.

According to Mining News Pro -The Russian energy ministry today announced in an announcement that the export of electricity will be sent to the Islamic Republic of Iran through the Russia-Azerbaijan-Iran energy corridor.
The Russian energy ministry`s announcement was issued at the end of the first Tripartite Working Group meeting to join Iran-Russia and Azerbaijan-energy systems, news agencies reported.
In a statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Energy without mentioning the names of the Iranian and Azerbaijani officials at the tripartite meeting and venue for the meeting, Russia`s Deputy Minister of Energy Anatoliy Yanovsky was present at the meeting.
According to the communiqué, the parties agreed that the Russian Inter Russia, Tavanir and Azerbaijani Azarbaijan companies should speed up the adjustment of certain offers for electricity trade in the electricity grid of the three countries and allow the issuance of electric power It was tested experimentally in 2019.

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