IMIDRO Support for 156 billion Rials to developing communication with the university
Mining News Pro - Over the period 2013-2017, IMIDRO spent more than 156 billion Riyals on developing industry-to-university communication from the point of view of Article 17 of its statute.


According to Mining News Pro -In the period from 1992 to 1996, IMIDRO Educational, Research and Technology Department spent over 156 billion and 134 million Rials to implement research contracts with universities, support for conferences, books, theses, etc.

These costs have been paid through contracts with Tehran and Sharif universities.

The costs of these universities include 47 billion and 144 million Rials for research contracts, 26 billion and 384 million rials to support 101 conferences and books, as well as 28 billion and 815 million Rials to support 501 dissertations and graduate theses have been.

Also, 20 billion and 740 million Rials have been provided in the form of specialized equipping of universities, 15 billion Rials for the development of joint institutions with universities, 4 billion and 451 million Rials for note 10, and 13 billion and 600 million Rials for training contracts.

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