The opening of a cement unit with a capacity of 2 million tons a week
Mining News Pro - Head of Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Bushehr province said that 15 production projects will be opened in the government week in Bushehr province.

According to Mining News Pro - Seyyed Hossein Hosseini Mohammadi said during the opening ceremony of the Dashtestan Flour Factory this week`s government programs and stated that 15 production projects are being opened in Bushehr province, said that these projects, which are located in various production sections in Dashti, Dashtestan, Bushehr, Kangan and Genavah It has been invested in over 4,100 and 150 billion rials.

He stated that 397 people were employed in these industrial and industrial units, saying that these units operate in non-metallic and mineral industries.
The head of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Bushehr province announced the opening of wheat flour mill in Wheat Rice Co. and said: The project has been implemented with investment of 150 billion rials in Dashtestan.

Hosseini Mohammadi, referring to the employment of 150 people in the factory, stated: In the Dashtestan flour factory, 50 people are directly employed and 100 people are indirectly provided with a production capacity of 230 tons of flour.

He considered the use of modern and advanced machines in accordance with the technology of the world with the ability to produce various types of flour simultaneously from the important advantages of this factory.

Head of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Bushehr province said the opening of a cement factory in Dashti from other projects, said: "Dashti Cement Factory with 2 million tons of cement and clinker production capacity annually with investment volume of 3800 billion rials per week will be opened."

Gafani has been the executive director of Plain Cement since the mid-1980s, but has not yet been exploited for some problems.

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