Quality increment for ESCO’s steel products

Mining News Pro - Steelmaking manager of Esfahan Steel Company said that the quality of company’s productions has had a remarkable increase.

MSC is the only supplier of flat steel products in commodity exchange

Mining News Pro - Last month Iran’s ministry of industry, mine and trade released an instruction which made the Iranian steelmakers to tender their products in the exchange market.

A Look at MSC’s Hot Steel Products, July Sales Looks Good

Mining News Pro - MSC released its monthly report which didn’t have any changes compared to the same period last year. Again, most sales of MSC belongs to hot steel products.

Iran is One of the Key Players in Global Steel Products` Market

Mining News Pro - Commrcial Manager of Chadormalu Company believes that Iran has become a major steel exporter in the last 7 years ago.

Growth of 39% of sales value of Mobarakeh Steel products by the end of October

Mining News Pro - According to the report, Mobarakeh steel production in the first 7 months of the first year produced 2 844 thousand tons of hot sheets, 839 thousand tons of cold sheets and 167 thousand tons of cover products.

Iron Mine Readiness to further cooperate with Rail / Steel Company intends to manufacture steel products with industrial application.

Mining News Pro - Abbas Khatibi Soltari Deputy Minister of Construction and Development of Railways, Ports and Airports of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, along with representatives of Khatam-ol-Anbia`s construction site and a group of managers and experts of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development while visiting the production line of molten rail Esfahan steel company met with the managing director and other officials of the company, Mansur Yazdizadeh.

China Lowers Import Duty on Steel Products

Mining News Pro - China is set to lower its import tariffs from the current rate of 8.4% to 11.5% with effect from November 1, as per the latest announcement made by Ministry of Finance. Along with steel, China will cut tariffs on certain industrial products including textiles, ceramics, glass, machinery and other metal products.

India deals with anti-dumping laws to deal with Chinese steel products

Mining News Pro - India intends to apply anti-dumping tariffs on imported steel from China in order to protect its steel industry.

CEO of Mobarakeh Steel announced

Identification of all steel products in the country

Mining News Pro - Managing director of Mobarakeh Steel said: "Identification of all steel products in the country and its production is based on the standard.

The price of steel is melting/The supply of steel products on the stock exchange is on the rise

Mining News Pro - The secretary general of the Steel Manufacturers Association of Iran announced the equilibrium of prices for steel and steel products over the next few days.

Growth in the production of finished steel products in Kazakhstan

Mining News Pro - In July, the country produced 377 tons of steel, down 14.1 percent year-on-year, according to the Kazakhstani Ministry of Economy statistics.

The entrance of the parliament to the pricing of steel products

Mining News Pro - The parliament`s economic commission chairman said parliamentarians are quickly reviewing the issue of steel pricing in the formal commodity market, and if necessary through the Supreme Economic Co-operation Council, the issue would be raised and there would be a chance to review and modify higher-pricing approvals.

China to cancel steel products export tax in 2018

Mining News Agency- China is removing export taxes on steel products from 1 January 2018, the Tariff Department of the Ministry of Finance announced on 15 December. China charges 10%-15% export tax on some finished steel products including steel bars, coils and wire rods.

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