Space mining enthusiasts to discuss legal framework

Mining News Pro - Scientists, economists and space mining enthusiasts are set to gather next week in Luxembourg to discuss and analyze the latest discoveries on the subject, as well as new concrete use cases for extra-terrestrial resources.

Experts warn of brewing space mining war among US, China and Russia

Mining News Pro - A brewing war to set a mining base in space is likely to see China and Russia joining forces to keep the US increasing attempts to dominate extra-terrestrial commerce at bay, experts warn.

Experts warn of brewing space mining war among US, China and Russia

Mining News Pro - Miner and commodities trader Glencore added on Tuesday a third female director to its nine-person board, appointing former Anglo American chief executive Cynthia Carroll to its board.

Luxembourg to set up Europe space mining centre

Mining News Pro - Luxembourg is stepping up efforts to achieve its goal of becoming Europe’s hub for space mining by announcing plans to create a European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC), in charge of laying the foundations for exploiting extra-terrestrial resources.

NASA seeks to set law for space mining

Mining News Pro - NASA wants to buy some moon rocks, and it’s seeking out companies to make space mining trips so that it can establish a legal framework for its galactic aspirations.

Water from near-earth asteroids could fuel space mining

Mining News Pro - Scientists planning to start mining the moon as early as 2025 may soon shift their attention to other celestial bodies as a new study suggests that there are about 1,000 asteroids closer to our planet than the lunar surface and which contain large amounts of the most precious resource: water.

New space mining policy needed, says Colorado School of Mines

Mining News Pro - At Colorado School of Mines in the US, home to the world’s first graduate programme in space resources and the Payne Institute for Public Policy, a group of researchers are calling for policies to be developed now to ensure the advancement of the burgeoning industry

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