NEO’s silicon anodes achieve long-term cycling

Mining News Pro - NEO Battery Materials (TSXV: NBM) announced that it has achieved a highly stable long-term cycling ability using 100% silicon (Si) anodes.

Ferro Silicon Prices Remain Stable

Mining News Pro - Indian Ferro Silicon prices remain stable amid short supply situation in Bhutan and Guwahati.

Inaugurations of a Ferrosilicon Aluminum Plant in Tabas

Mining News Pro - Chairman of Ministry of Mine, Industry, and Trade of Tabas: Ferrosilicon-Aluminum plant will be inaugurated by foreign investment.

India: Ferro Silicon Prices Edge Up on Healthy Demand

Mining News Pro - A bullish sentiment has been prevailing throughout the Indian Ferro Silicon market.

India: Ferro Silicon Prices Sturdy on Resolute Demand

Mining News Pro - Indian Ferro Silicon prices moved up marginally as the commodity’s demand exceeds its supply.

India: Ferro Silicon Prices Rise Steeply on Robust Demand

Mining News Pro - Indian Ferro Silicon producers raised their prices aggressively on healthy demand.

India: Ferro Silicon Price Holds in Quiet Market, But Pressure Remains

Mining News Pro - A lack of buying interest has restricted the Ferro Silicon offers while selling pressure grows.

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