The exploration of new mining areas begins in Sangan, Khaaf

Mining News Pro - Manager of Sangan Khaaf iron ore complex said that in order to effectively exploit the rich reserves of these mines, the complex has defined several exploration programs, among which it is possible to mention the acquisition of exploration permits for 10 new areas in the Sangan area.

11% growth in crude steel production in Mobarakeh-Sangan Steel Group

Mining News Pro - From the beginning of April to the end of June, the pellet production of Mobarakeh Steel Group (Mobarakeh and Sangan Steel Company) increased by 6.6 percent compared to the same period of the previous year to three million and 303 thousand tons.

49 percent surge in Sangan iron ore extraction

Mining News Pro - By extracting 5.99 million tons of iron ore during the first quarter of this year, Sangan Complex recorded a 49% increase in the extraction of this mineral compared to the same period last year.

22 percent increase in iron ore pellet production in Sangan Mining Complex

Mining News Pro - The production of iron ore pellet reached from 3.3 million tons in 2020 to more than 4 million tons in 2021.

Sangan Steel Complex is producing 6.5 million tons per month

Mining News Pro - The mining activities of Sangan Mining Complex surged from 4.5 million tons per month to 6.5 million tons with the arrival of 40 65-ton trucks and five high-powered excavators.

Another record for Sangan Mining Complex

Mining News Pro - Sangan Mining Complex has established a new daily record for pellet.

Sangan Mining Complex supply 11.5 million tons of granulated and lump iron ore

Mining News Pro - Sangan Mining Complex has supplied 11.5 million tons of granulated iron ore for the Iranian companies last year.

Sangan Complex recorded the highest monthly pellet production

Mining News Pro - Sangan Complex succeeded to record the highest monthly pellet production which is promising.

Sangan Complex: Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of a 2.5 million ton concentrate plant in the east of Iran

Mining News Pro - The memorandum of understanding for the construction of a 2.5-million-ton iron ore concentrate plant in Sangan was signed in cooperation with the Khorasan Steel Complex, and the IRITEC and IMPADCO companies.

Extraction of 8.7 million tons of iron ore in Sangan during H1 in 2021

Mining News Pro - Sangan Mining Co. extracted 8.7 million tons of iron ore in the first six month of 2021.

Sangan Steel follows its plan despite the difficulties

Mining News Pro - Deputy of Operation of Sangan Steel Company said that despite the difficulties like concentrate supply and electricity outage, the company followed and realized the plans as expected.

Highest record of daily pellet production for Sangan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - Sangan Steel Co. succeeded to produce the highest amount of pellet in one day.

Member of Iran`s Chamber of Deputies:

Steel chain prices are not balanced with investments / Good organization for the exploration and extraction of Sangan by IMIDRO has taken place.

Mining News Pro - Member of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Iran stated: "In the 2026 document, the country`s steel capacity is estimated at 55 million tons, the most important of which is the annual supply of 164 million tons of iron ore, but now only about 47 million We have tons of capacity.

Iron ore complex Sangan received the golden statue of National Mining and Mining from the Minister of Industry and Mining

Golden Statue for Iron ore complex Sangan

Mining News - Sangan Iron Ore Complex received the golden statue of National Iranian Industry and Mining Day from Dr. Shariatmadari. The complex was also recognized as the premier metal and non-metallic industry.

Endeavors at Sangan Iron Ore Complex bring hope to society

Mining News Agency - Sangan Iron Ore Complex makes a praiseworthy contribution to job creation in Khaf and to the town`s economic and cultural development, the Friday prayer leader of Khaf said.

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