Peru has yet to decide how much to hike takes on miners

Mining News Pro - Peru’s left-wing government has yet to decide exactly how it will hike taxes on the mining sector, Finance Minister Pedro Francke said on Thursday, adding that International Monetary Fund advisers will take weeks to issue recommendations.

Research improves major miners’ maintenance

Mining News Pro - The University of Western Australia (UWA) has worked in partnership with Curtin University, CSIRO, Alcoa, BHP and Roy Hill to improve the maintenance duties of large processing plants.

Africa’s crackdown on informal gold miners spreads to Mali

Mining News Pro - Mali is getting closer to bringing in new rules to better control artisanal gold mining and overtake South Africa as the continent’s second-biggest producer.

Big miners reconsider Congo, Zambia risks as copper price surges

Mining News Pro - Major mining companies are looking to invest in countries they previously considered too risky, including Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, propelled by a dwindling pipeline of big copper mines elsewhere and record-high prices.

Big miners reconsider Congo, Zambia risks as copper price surges

Mining News Pro - Major mining companies are looking to invest in countries they previously considered too risky, including Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, propelled by a dwindling pipeline of big copper mines elsewhere and record-high prices.

Lithium price jumps again as miners can’t keep up with battery boom

Mining News Pro - Lithium prices extended their year long rally as surging demand spurs a shortfall of the key battery material.b

Top miners doubt customers can match their zero-emissions target

Mining News Pro - The world’s top miners are confident they can eliminate emissions from their own operations by 2050, but aren’t yet sure their customers can do the same.

Gold production from top miners to recover in H2

Mining News Pro - The collective production of the top 10 global gold producers is expected to recover by around 13.5% in H2 2021 compared with H1, should their 2021 production guidance all be met, according to a GlobalData report.

WA miners mandated to get the jab

Mining News Pro - The Western Australian government on Tuesday mandated that fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers in the resource sector would need to be fully vaccinated by January 1, 2022.

Miners of half of global lithium output set up trade association

Mining News Pro - Miners accounting for more than half of the world’s lithium output have set up a global trade association headquartered in London to speak for the fast-growing industry that is key to meeting energy transition targets.

South Africa miners back gradual move away from coal-fired power

Mining News Pro - South Africa’s mining industry has given its backing to moving the continent’s most developed economy away from coal but said it must be done gradually and responsibly.

Canadian miners welcome Liberal election victory

Mining News Pro - The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) has welcomed the Liberal Party of Canada’s federal election victory, giving prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau another term in office.

US coal miners could be next in line for industry bailouts

Mining News Pro - There isn’t much that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Sierra Club agree on, but one of those rare things is a measure that’s part of the bipartisan infrastructure package to be considered by the U.S. House of Representatives later this month that would fund $11.3 billion to remediate coal mines abandoned before 1977.

Guinea’s Junta Urges Miners to Help Break “Resource Curse”

Mining News Pro - Guinea’s military ruler urged miners to support the local economy, even as he reassured the industry that production would be allowed to continue unhindered following a Sept. 5 coup.

US miners decry mineral royalty plan floated in Congress

Mining News Pro - U.S. mining companies are blasting proposals in Congress that would set royalties for copper, lithium and other minerals extracted from federal land, with executives saying the measures would hurt domestic production of the building blocks for solar panels, electric vehicles and other green technologies.

New initiative to educate next generation of miners

Mining News Pro - A new campaign has been launched as part of National Skills Week to educate school leavers about industry insights, related life skills and the different career paths into the mining industry.

Miners rattled by COVID rollercoaster

Mining News Pro - Workers in the mining sector are feeling more overworked and insecure in their industry than the rest of the nation, according to an employee sentiment survey from ELMO.

Miners work toward skills shortage solution

Mining News Pro - Roy Hill has suggested filling vacant mining roles with out-of-work airline pilots to combat the resource sector’s growing skills shortage.

High metal prices, covid-19 increase miners’ exposure to cyberattacks

Mining News Pro - As metal prices are hovering around all-time highs and mining companies are enjoying some of their best years with exceptional margins – a resilience that is expected to continue through 2021 – Fitch Solutions Country Risk & Industry Research published a report highlighting how this scenario increases the importance of cybersecurity defence in the mining industry.

From miners to big oil, the great commodity cash machine is back

Mining News Pro - Just over five years ago Anglo American was in deep trouble. The natural resources giant, beset by a collapse in commodity prices, scrapped its dividend and announced plans to close mines and cut thousands of workers.

Tesla’s lithium extraction patent catches miners’ attention

Mining News Pro - Information obtained by Electrek revealed that Tesla filed a new patent related to the acid-free saline lithium extraction process mentioned by Elon Musk during Battery Day in September 2020.

Queensland miners going green

Mining News Pro - The Queensland Resources Council’s (QRC's) latest 'State of the Sector' report shows more than 70% of CEOs surveyed were now investing in low emission technology (LET) research compared to 40% in 2019, and that nearly 22% were using renewable energy to power parts of their operations.

Gemfields’ new indicator aims for transparency on how much miners pay host countries in taxes

Mining News Pro - Gemfields called on governance bodies, mining organizations, industry observers and host governments to adopt the ‘G-Factor for Natural Resources,’ a new measure promoting greater transparency regarding the level of natural resource wealth shared with the governments of host countries.

Half of miners plot electrification to cut costs

Mining News Pro - A State of Play report has revealed that 53 per cent of individuals surveyed are exploring electrification of their mine sites as a way to reduce costs.

New centre to upskill future miners

Mining News Pro - The University of Adelaide has launched a training centre which will aim to optimise mining technology and deliver training for the next generation of miners.

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