How light can improve li-ion battery, fuel cell performance

Mining News Pro - Light can be used to significantly improve the performance of fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries, and other devices that are based on the movement of charged atoms, or ions, new research has found.

How a less-than six-month-old fund shook the nuclear fuel market

Mining News Pro - Six months ago, the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust didn’t exist. Now it holds almost a third of the world’s annual supply — and it’s getting bigger.

Tungsten suppliers haven’t been able to profit from meme-fueled cube craze

Mining News Pro - Tungsten cubes may have reached meme status as sales soar, yet that isn’t helping suppliers of the hefty metal cash in on the craze.

New contactless mechanism to monitor phosphates, pH enhances safety of nuclear fuel recycling

Mining News Pro - Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have developed a contactless technique to better measure, in real-time, the acidity of highly radioactive solutions, as well as the concentration of specific chemicals in those solutions.

Market value of on-road fuel cell vehicles to grow to $160bn by 2042

Mining News Pro - The market value of on-road fuel cell vehicles will grow to $160 billion by 2042 at a compound annual growth rate of 23.9% over a 20-year forecast period.

Silver-infused bacteria make fuel cells more efficient

Mining News Pro - A new study published in the journal Science describes the development of microbial fuel cells — a technology that utilizes natural bacteria to extract electrons from organic matter in wastewater to generate electrical currents.

Cameco inks deals to supply fuel for small modular reactors

Mining News Pro - Cameco signed a memorandum of understanding with GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH), GEH SMR Technologies Canada, and Synthos Green Energy to evaluate the potential establishment of a uranium supply chain in Canada capable of service a potential fleet of GWRX-300 small modular reactors (SMR) in Poland.

Sewer gas could be used to produce clean hydrogen fuel

Mining News Pro - A recent study published in the journal ACS Sustainable Chemical Engineering makes the case for producing hydrogen fuel from hydrogen sulphide, a highly toxic, corrosive and stinky substance commonly called sewer gas.

Jajarm alumina applied for a license to supply the second fuel

Mining News Pro - The manager of Iran’s Alumina Complex said that the main fuel source of unit is gas, but in the summer and winter there is pressure drop and they have to use fuel oil as the second fuel.

Now climate activists want BHP to keep hold of its fossil fuels

Mining News Pro - BHP Group, the world’s top miner, should abandon plans for multi-billion dollar sales of fossil fuels assets and instead responsibly close down the operations, according to an environmental campaign group.

BHP shareholders to vote on fossil fuel production detail at AGM

Mining News Pro - BHP said on Wednesday it would allow a vote at its next shareholder meeting on whether the world’s biggest listed miner should disclose details such as capital allocation and life of its fossil fuel assets.

How fossil fuels can help decarbonize the economy

Researchers at Rice University’s Carbon Hub are proposing the idea of actually using hydrocarbons to slash carbon dioxide emissions.

Robust China coal demand amid Australia import ban fuels price rally

Mining News Pro - Seaborne coal has become a quiet winner among energy commodities, lacking the attention of higher-profile crude oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG), but enjoying strong gains amid rising demand.

Energy Fuels’ first shipment creates US-Europe rare earths supply chain

Mining News Pro - Energy Fuels and Neo Performance Materials created a new United States-to-Europe rare earth supply chain this week when the first container – with 20 tonnes of product – of an expected 15 containers of mixed rare earth carbonate produced at Energy Fuels’ White Mesa Mill in Utah was shipped to Neo’s rare earth separations facility in Estonia.

In the cost war, renewables are winning battles against fossil fuels

Mining News Pro - A new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency states that in the past 10 years, clean energy has not only started seriously competing with fossil fuels but has significantly undercut them when new electricity generation capacity is required.

Investors with $41 trillion urge G7 to end support for fossil fuels

Mining News Pro - A group of 457 investors, which oversees more than $41 trillion in assets combined, and a coalition of group of 79 company CEOs are calling on the G7 — Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and US — to work harder on reducing greenhouse emissions and cut funding for fossil fuels.

World needs Congo copper to kick fossil fuels, Friedland says

Mining News Pro - An African nation emerging from decades of conflict and corruption holds the key to greening the global economy.

Chile output falls for 10th consecutive month, adding fuel to copper price rally

Mining News Pro - The world’s top copper producer Chile saw output of the red metal fall for the tenth consecutive month in March, government statistics agency INE said on Friday.

Iron ore price hits record high fuelled by structural supply shortage

Mining News Pro - Iron ore prices jumped to a fresh high on Monday, fuelled by structural supply shortage.

Energy Fuels team awarded additional $1.75m for rare earths feasibility study

Mining News Pro - Energy Fuels, and a team from Penn State University, has been awarded an additional $1.75-million from the US Department of Energy (DoE) Office of Fossil Energy and National Energy Technology Laboratory to complete a feasibility study on the production of rare earth element (REE) products from natural coal-based resources.

BHP to pioneer marine biofuel use in shipments

Mining News Pro - BHP has partnered with two European companies and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to trial the first marine biofuel in an ocean-going vessel.

Singapore nickel trader’s lavish lifestyle allegedly fueled by $740m fraud

Mining News Pro - At 33, Ng Yu Zhi had all the trappings of a wildly successful trader: a Rolodex full of rich clients, a three-story villa in a posh Singapore neighborhood and a Pagani Huayra supercar reportedly worth more than $5 million.

Copper may be the key to turn CO2 into fuel

Mining News Pro - Researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the University of Duisburg-Essen have developed a new catalyst for the conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) into chemicals or fuels.

New fuel from plastic waste aims to replace fossil fuels in the marine industry

Mining News Pro - London-based Clean Planet Energy announced the creation of two new ultra-clean fuels manufactured to replace fossil fuels in the marine industry.

South African-developed fuel cell passing tests at Implats refinery

Mining News Pro - A South African-developed stationary hydrogen fuel cell is doing well as it is put through a testing phase at the Impala Platinum (Implats) refinery, group executive: refining and marketing Sifiso Sibiya has revealed.

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