Chadormalu is the leading company in social responsibilities of Yazd

Mining News Pro - In a meeting to review the plans and programs for the development of Chadormalu company, which was held in Yazd province, the governor of Yazd said that this company is the leading company in social responsibilities of province.

Loading and transporting more than 4 million tons of iron ore, concentrate and pellets through Yazd railway

Mining News - General Manager of Yazd Railway, announced the release of 5 million and 683 thousand tons of minerals, concentrates and other shipments during the current quarter in the General Directorate.

Significant share of Yazd in mineral deposits of the country

First rank of Yazd in the production of iron ore and ceramic tile

Mining News - The head of the Yazd Industry, Mining and Trade Organization said that the province, with 2 billion tons of mineral deposits, is the second Iranian mineral area in Iran, said in 2016, with new discoveries at prime locations, 90 million tons of iron ore Available reserves of the province were added.

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