Danakali to leave London Stock Exchange

Mining News Pro - Australia’s potash miner Danakali (ASX, LON: DNK) has requested a cancellation of its listing on the London Stock Exchange, expected to be effective on Sept. 24.

Endeavour Mining debuts on London Stock Exchange

Mining News Pro - Canada’s Endeavour Mining (TSX: EDV), West Africa’s top gold producer, began trading in London on Monday under the same ticker symbol it has in Toronto — EDV.

Caledonia mulls listing on new Zimbabwe stock exchange

Mining News Pro - Caledonia Mining Corp is considering listing on Zimbabwe’s new stock exchange, ten days before trading on the bourse is scheduled to start.

Yamana Gold to begin trading on London Stock Exchange

Mining News Pro - Canada’s Yamana Gold has been officially admitted on the London Stock Exchange, one of the world’s oldest markets, where it will begin trading its shares next week under the ticker AUY.

The shares value of Mining and Mining Industries of Iran reached $ 47,142,857,143 on the stock exchange /Earned the second place in the investment of the stock by the mining and mineral sector

Mining News Pro - Mining and mining companies account for about a quarter of Tehran`s stock exchange.

Mobarakeh Steel Co. and NICICO have the most market value in Tehran Stock Exchange

Mining News Pro - At present, the price of a share of two companies is less than 1000 Rials, which is the reduction in the number of shares below this price due to recent stock prices of the stock index.

Steel exports are conditional / steelmakers are allowed to export on a stock exchange

Mining News Pro - Director General of the Mining Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade said: the liberation of the ceiling for competition in the gas reserves for steel will definitely have a positive impact on the market in the short term.

Nickel prices on the London Stock Exchange rose

Mining News Pro - Nickel prices on the London Metal Exchange have risen to $ 12,600 a tonne.

Supply of 20 kilograms of gold bullion on stock exchanges

Mining News Pro - Today, 20kg of gold bullion will be offered at the International Industrial and Mining Forum.

The steel competition will be lifted on the stock exchange

Mining News Pro - Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade at the Tehran Chamber meeting announced the lifting of the ceiling for steel products on the Commodity Exchange.

Transparent and continuous supply of bullion on the stock exchange demanded by the aluminum syndicate

Mining News Pro - Chairman of the board of directors of the aluminum syndicate said: "Some people are in any way trying to create economic insecurities in different areas, and the economy faces such problems.

The price of steel is melting/The supply of steel products on the stock exchange is on the rise

Mining News Pro - The secretary general of the Steel Manufacturers Association of Iran announced the equilibrium of prices for steel and steel products over the next few days.

The positive reaction of the capital market to the news of changes in the pricing of copper in the stock exchange

Mining News Pro - Copper, as one of the largest non-oil export revenues, has always recorded a positive record in foreign trade, as the National Iranian Copper Industry Co., the first non-oil company in the country since 2006, joined the billion-dollar exporters club of the world.

Why is the Khuzestan steel trade declared invalid at the Tehran Stock Exchange?

Mining News Pro - Yesterday, the Industrial Chamber of Commerce of Iran saw 40,000 tons of Khuzestan steel billets at a basic price of 2340 USD per kg, which eventually came with a strange event and demanded 468 thousand tons for the cargo. The Steel Association of Iran reported in a report that today`s supply of Khuzestan steel in a high demand bulk stock has capped 10 percent of the price and the final price has reached 2574 tomans in recent weeks. But this was not the end, as Mohammad Keshani, the managing director of Khorasan Steel, announced the cancellation of the deal.

The Mobarakeh Steel Company`s supply of goods on the stock exchange is $ 0.84

Mining News Pro - The mechanism of supplying steel products to the stock exchange has been criticized by some downstream industries in recent years. Some critics say that Mobarakeh Steel Company is losing to activists following low-value and expensive sales. Mahmoud Akbari, Sales and Marketing Deputy of Mobarakeh Steel, says that since the company is the supplier of the sheet to many of the final manufacturers, the stock exchange will act in accordance with the rules of the Competition Council on the basis of the price quotations offered by hot plate symbols.

Mobarakeh Steel, the tallest active participant of the Tehran Stock Exchange in the spring of 2018 / National cooper (NICICO) and Golgohar fourth and fifth

Mining News Pro - The list of 50 more active Tehran Stock Exchange companies for the first quarter of 2018 was announced that slightly changed slightly from the last three months of 2017. In the meantime, mining companies and mineral industries enjoyed a good reputation.

Two new mineral products will be available for the first time on the stock exchange

Mining News - Today, the Industrial and Mineral Market of the Iranian Commodity Exchange is the host for the supply of pellets and lead and zinc soil.

Soil supply on the Anguran lead and zinc compound for the first time in stock exchange

Mining News - The Industrial and Mining Forum of Iran`s Commodity Exchange on Wednesday, July 13, will host the first supply of 7,703 tons of soil on the Angouran Lead and Zinc Complex.

The Anguran mine alone does not meet the existing capacity of the ingot on the country

There is no possibility of supplying Anguran soil on the stock exchange

Mining News - The head of Zanjan Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization said Zanjan province has 51 units of zinc ingot and 7 processing units in the Angouran mine minerals quota list.

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