Over-optimism among China steelmakers behind iron ore’s price plunge

Mining News Pro - Iron ore lost almost a quarter of its value in a dizzying eight-day plunge through Monday. While futures in Singapore are staging a mini-recovery, the short-term outlook for the steel-making material looks grim.

Brazil steelmaker CSN drafting bid for miner Samarco

Mining News Pro - Brazilian steelmaker Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN) is drafting an offer to acquire miner Samarco Mineracao SA, which will be presented to the bankruptcy court judge overseeing its debt restructuring, a person with knowledge of the matter said.

Iron ore price slips as Chinese steelmakers face margin pressure

Mining News Pro - The iron ore price fell on Wednesday as reduced profitability at Chinese steel mills following a recent rally in prices of steelmaking ingredients weighed on sentiment.

Iron ore price rises despite flat demand from steelmakers

Mining News Pro - The iron ore price rose on Tuesday despite traders fretting about high prices squeezing steel mill margins after Chinese demand for the steelmaking ingredient spurred an earlier rally.

Steelmaker CEO warns North America market a ‘falling knife’

Mining News Pro - The North American steel market is in for some rough months ahead, with excess supplies, rising inventories and shrinking demand, according to the head of Stelco Holdings Inc. Steelmaker shares fell.

Steelmaker CEO warns North America market a ‘falling knife’

Mining News Pro - The North American steel market is in for some rough months ahead, with excess supplies, rising inventories and shrinking demand, according to the head of Stelco Holdings Inc. Steelmaker shares fell.

Vaccination of steelmakers is accelerating

Mining News Pro - Amin Ebrahimi, CEO of Khuzestan Steel Company, announced the acceleration of vaccination of steelmakers.

Anti-dumping investigation could lead to higher costs for European steelmakers

Mining News Pro - European steelmakers using electric arc furnaces (EAFs) could see higher costs in their production lines as a result of a recent skirmish between Chinese exporters of synthetic graphite electrodes and Europe-based manufacturers.

Steelmakers set to lead India metals to best quarter in decade

Mining News Pro - India’s steelmakers are on course to leading the country’s metal index to its biggest quarterly gain in more than a decade, as consumption recovers and prices surge globally.

China steelmaker HBIS lines up investment in Peru iron-ore mine

Mining News Pro - HBIS Resources Co, a unit of China`s second-biggest steelmaker HBIS Group, said on Monday it had signed an initial deal to develop the Pampa de Pongo iron-ore mine in Peru alongside current licence-holder Zhongrong Xinda.

Steelmakers Will Accept the Scientific Risks

Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel Co. announced its support from scientific plans and if the jury committee accept them, this company will accept the risks.

Member of board director of Mobarakeh Steel Company

Mobarakeh Steel is more successful in water efficiency than other steelmakers

Mining News Pro - At present, Mobarakeh Steel has reduced the use of water in production by using waste water, which consumes 4.4 tenth of a meter cubic meters of steel for each steel plant, which consumes 6 tbs. Cubic meters of water in other Iranian steel structures.

What did the world`s steelmakers record during the first eight months of the year? / The tenth place of Iran among steel makers in the world

Mining News Pro - According to the report of the World Steel Association of Iran, steel makers from 64 member states of this association produced 1. billion and 194 million tons of steel in the first eight months of this year, which is 4.7% more than the same period last year, one billion and 140 million tons.

Steel exports are conditional / steelmakers are allowed to export on a stock exchange

Mining News Pro - Director General of the Mining Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade said: the liberation of the ceiling for competition in the gas reserves for steel will definitely have a positive impact on the market in the short term.

South Korea Slaps Fine on Country’s 6 Steelmakers for Unfair Trade Practices

Mining News Pro - According to the latest reports, South Korea’s FTC (Fair Trade Commission) has slapped a record fine of combined 119.4 billion won (USD 105.9 million) on six rebar suppliers including majors Hyundai Steel Co. and Dongkuk Steel Mill Co, for price fixing between 2015 and 2016.

Market regulation guidelines have become a serious challenge for steelmakers / Hormozgan steel Co. has export-oriented nature.

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel Sales Director said: "In all advanced economies, prices are determined on the basis of supply and demand." Basically, stock exchange is also formed for this purpose. The stock exchange is created to discover the price. If the price is determined in an orderly manner, the existential philosophy of the stock exchange will be eliminated and, in fact, we will roll back to the time before the stock exchange is established.

South Korea: Major Steelmakers Book US Cargoes; Skip Bidding for Japanese Scrap

Mining News Pro - Since last few weeks, major EAF steelmakers in South Korea have shifted their attention from Japanese scrap to USA bulk scrap

8% increase in Marrakesh`s steel delivery to the domestic market/Reduced imports due to increased supply of domestic steelmakers

Mining News Pro - In July, the delivery of Mobarakeh Steel products to the domestic market grew by 19% compared to the same period last year, of which the delivery of hot-packet to domestic market with a significant growth of 54% reached 439 thousand tons a month.

Iranian steelmakers invest $1 billion to launch new steel project

Mining News Agency -Iranian Imidro and domestic mining consortium would invest approximately US$1 billion in new steel and mineral project.

Major Iranian Steelmakers’ Export Volume Up 27%

Mining News Agency - Major Iranian steelmakers exported 4.5 million tons of crude steel and steel products in the first eight months of the current Iranian year (March21-Nov21), indicating a 27 percent growth compared with last year’s corresponding period.

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