Saba Steel Company doubled the production in this year

Mining News Pro - Saba Steel Company has succeeded to increase its production this year.

Recent Saba Steel Company’s performance in mining industry

Mining News Pro - Aboutorab Fazel, vice president of the board of Civil Servants Pension Organization (CSPO) described Saba Steel Company’s latest actions in mining industry.

New CEO has been appointed for Saba Steel Company

Mining News Pro - Saeid Bozorgi became the CEO at Saba Steel Company.

15 to 20 Percent Jump in Saba Steel’s Rate of Output per Hour

Mining News Pro - In the first two months of Persian year, Saba Steel Company (SSC) increased its rate of output per hour by 15 to 20%.

Three Important Steps of Saba Steel Co. for Production Leap

Mining News Pro - Saba Steel has established a new record in production increase and scrap decrease in March.

Major Step for Saba Steel to Supply the Raw Material of MSC

Mining News Pro - Last year, meanwhile there were lack of steel scrap and DRI in the market, Saba Steel Company succeeded to supply a part of Mobarakeh Steel Company’s raw material.

Tomorrow Saba steel ‘s development plan with the presence of the first vice president, he will be used

Mining News Pro - The first vice president visits Isfahan province in order to visit and exploit several industrial and development projects, one of which is the development project of Saba Steel Mobarakeh.

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