GolGohar produces a remarkable share of Iran’s concentrate and pellet

Mining News Pro - GolGohar Company produce a total of 33 percent of concentrate and 25 percent of pellet in Iran.

Highest record of daily pellet production for Sangan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - Sangan Steel Co. succeeded to produce the highest amount of pellet in one day.

A new daily record for Chadormalu Mining pellet unit

Mining News Pro - Chadormalu produced 13249 tons of pellet which is a new record in the history of this company.

MSC: Pellet production passed 150 million tons

Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel Company announced that the company successfully produced more than 150 million tons of pellet since the operation of the pellet production unit.

Capacity of Iran’s Pellet and Concentrate Expanded by Extra 5m Tons

Mining News Pro - Chairman of the board of IMIDRO said that a 2.5m tons plant opened recently in the first phase and in the second phase another 2.5m ton plant will be opened in the next 40 to 50 days.

Raipur Based Pellet Makers Lower Offers by INR 200/MT

Mining News Pro - Raipur (central India) based pellet manufacturers have decreased offers today by INR 200/MT.

India: Pellet Trades in Domestic Market Remain Slow Post Hike in Offers

Mining News Pro - Domestic pellet offers in India moved up in all major markets. In Durgapur SteelMint’s reference, pellet price assessment stands at INR 6,500/MT ex-plant as against last week`s pellet assessment of INR 6,300-6,400/MT. However, participants reported limited trades.

Beryllium pellets could be key to achieving stable fusion reactions

Mining News Pro - Physicists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and General Atomics ran a series of studies and concluded that injecting tiny beryllium pellets into ITER -a fusion facility under construction in France to demonstrate the practicality of fusion power- could help stabilize the plasma that fuels fusion reactions.

India’s Pellet Export to China has Grew

Mining News Pro - Ispat and Godawari Company recently inked a contract for exporting pellet to China.

India: BRPL Concludes 60,000 MT Pellet Export Deal to China

Mining News Pro - Eastern India based pellet maker - Brahmani River Pellets has recently concluded pellet export deal to China, SteelMint learned from company officials.

India`s KIOCL Concludes 50,000 MT Pellet Export Deal

Mining News Pro - Southern India based pellet maker - KIOCL has recently concluded pellet export deal. The company had floated export tender offering 50,000 MT pellet consisting of Fe 64% content with less than 2% alumina.

Iron Ore Price Increase is not Stable/ Pellet Price will Raise

Mining News Pro - A senior expert on international iron and steel markets said: “The price of iron ore will remain high a little after Chinese New Year but Australia will compensate the deficit of the market."

The Opening of Pellet Production Plant in Kerman

Mining News Pro - With the presence of Iran`s Vice President, the Pellet Production Plant of Kerman was opened.

Production of 21 million tons of iron ore pelleted by the end of October / 36 percent growth compared to the same period of the previous year / production at MIDHCO increased by 60 percent to 2.8 million tons

Mining News Pro - The statistics show that 24 million tonnes of iron ore pellets were produced by large companies over the past 7 months.

Indian Pellet Export Prices to China Fall in Recent Deals

Mining News Pro - According to market sources report to SteelMint, central India based pellet maker concluded 50,000 MT export deal to China for Dec`18 shipment. As per sources the deal was for low alumina pellets and was heard to have concluded at around USD 129/MT, CFR China.

Indian Pellet Export Prices Fall On Declining Bids from China

Mining News Pro - Indian pellet export prices have softened further this week further amid lowered bids from Chinese mills amid limited buying interest. As per market sources report to SteelMint, assessment for regular grade pellets (Fe 64%) with 3% Alumina is learned to have softened to USD 130-135/MT, CFR China.

Managing Director of Goharzamin;

Operation of the pellet production line and concentrate line 3 in 2018

Mining News Pro - The production line of the pellet and the third line of concentrate of the company will be put into operation in 1998 and will be in operation at the news conference (one meeting-one supply) with the central theme of "Reviewing the situation of Goharzamin Iron Ore Company in Overseas". Along with these measures, the company seeks to increase its capital by 103 percent.

India : KIOCL Concludes 50,000 MT Pellet Export Deal

Mining News Pro - Southern India based pellet maker - KIOCL has concluded pellet export deal. The company had floated export tender offering 50,000 MT pellet consisting of Fe 64% content and less than 2% alumina. However, amid lower bids received, the company has concluded the deal going off the tender.

Indian Pellet Exports Resume on Fresh Buying Interest from China; 4 Deals Reported

Mining News Pro - Amidst uncertainty on sintering and production cuts in Chinese market, Chinese mills were seen showing preference to fines than pellets.

Bahrain: Iron Ore Imports Up 9%; Pellet Exports Up 24% in Q3CY18

Mining News Pro - Bahrain iron ore imports in Q3 CY18 witnessed at 2.28 MnT, up 9% Q-o-Q as against 2.1 MnT in last quarter. However, on yearly basis, imports increased 66% as against 1.37 MnT in Q3 CY17.

India: BRPL Concludes Pellet Export Deal to China

Mining News Pro - According to market sources report to SteelMint, eastern India based pellet maker & major exporter - Brahmani River Pellets Ltd (BRPL) has recently concluded two pellet deals to China with quantity of around 60,000- 62,000 MT each.

Brazil: Vale Achieves Highest Ever Iron Ore & Pellet Production in Q3 CY18

Mining News Pro - Vale- world`s largest iron ore producer witnessed sharp increase in Q3 CY`18 iron ore production. The production recorded at 104.95 MnT, up 8% Q-o-Q as against Q2 CY`18 at 96.8 MnT. On yearly basis, the production recorded 10% increase as compared to 95.1 MnT in Q3 Y17.

Indian Pellet Export Prices Decline on Weak Chinese Interest

Mining News Pro - Indian pellet export prices have softened this week further amid uncertainty of Chinese steel mills regarding winter production cuts. Few trade participants shared increased preference of Chinese mills towards iron ore fines than pellets.

Rio Tinto: Iron Ore & Pellet Shipment Drops Over Maintenance and Safety Pauses

Mining News Pro - World`s second largest iron ore miner- Rio Tinto recorded decline in Q3 CY`18 shipments. Rio Tinto`s Pilbara iron ore shipments witnessed at 81.9 MnT, down 7% on quarterly basis as against Q2 CY`18 at 88.5 MnT. It has witnessed 5% drop in shipments as against Q3 CY`17 at 85.8 MnT.

India: Monnet Ispat to Add 100,000 MT Pellets and 50,000 DRI in Merchant Market - Sources

Mining News Pro - Monnet Ispat ramps up production post acquisition by JSW steel. Company plans to sell 100,000 MT Pellets and 40,000-50,000 MT DRI per month in merchant market from November onwards.

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