How Should mining companies protect their networks?

Mining News Pro - The operational technology (OT) networks of mining operations are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Top 10 largest copper mining companies in Q1 2022

Mining News Pro - Chile’s Codelco was the world’s largest copper mining company in Q1 2022 (based on attributable copper tonnes). Freeport-McMoRan solidified its second position in the ranking due to production increase at Grasberg.

The revolution in electric vehicles is changing mining

Mining News Pro - For decades, communities around the world have too often been betrayed by promises that mining would yield financial prosperity and return to them the landscape as good as it was found. Many have ended up with environmental destruction with very little benefit to show for it.

Martian moon could be crucial for asteroid mining

Mining News Pro - Researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have shown that mining the Main Belt of asteroids that orbit between Mars and Jupiter could be done profitably if spacecraft were deployed from a station in an orbit similar to that of the Martian moon Phobos.

Peruvian government to extend tax refund benefit to mining

Mining News Pro - During his intervention at the 2022 PDAC conference in Toronto, the Peruvian minister of economy and finance, Óscar Graham, announced that his government will extend to 2025 the tax refund benefit to mining and oil exploration, which was scheduled to end in December 2022.

Top AI Companies in the Mining Sector in the World

Mining News Pro - Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to software-based systems that use data inputs to make decisions on their own or that help users make decisions.

22 percent increase in iron ore pellet production in Sangan Mining Complex

Mining News Pro - The production of iron ore pellet reached from 3.3 million tons in 2020 to more than 4 million tons in 2021.

Bolivia again delays announcement on lithium mining tie-ups

Mining News Pro - Bolivia’s government on Wednesday declined to name which of six short-listed companies it would select to help mine its untapped lithium riches, with the chief of the country’s state-run lithium company saying more than one could be eventually selected.

Moody’s warns Chile constitution uncertainty could hit mining investment

Mining News Pro - Investment in Chile’s mining sector could face gridlock if political uncertainty over a new constitution is not resolved, ratings agency Moody’s said on Wednesday, a reflection of industry concerns in the world’s top copper producing nation.

Battery metal buzz counters financial market angst at mining’s big show

Mining News Pro - The turmoil that rocked financial markets this week has done little to shake the optimism around global mining, if the signs of exuberance on display at one of the industry’s biggest gatherings in years are to be believed.

All you need to know about types of Mining and their Differences

Mining News Pro - Mining is a key global economic activity that has a millennia-old history and has evolved from simple surface resource exploitation in ancient times to the complex and vast quarrying and deep underground operations of today. This article will provide an overview of some of the main types of mining and how they differ from each other.

Top 5 Mining Companies Adopting Solar Energy

Mining News Pro - Mining companies are expected to spend $3.8bn on renewables projects, with plans for a combined capacity of 585 MW in solar energy alone.

Egypt to invest in gold, mineral mining

Mining News Pro - Egypt is working to increase the exploration of gold and minerals in the Eastern Desert with the aim of attracting investments in the mining sector.

Top IoT Companies in the Mining Industry

Mining News Pro - Internet of Things (IoT) describes the use of connected sensors and actuators to control and monitor the environment, the things that move within it, and the people that act within it.

In Bolivia’s Amazon, wildcat gold mining boom stokes tension over environment

Mining News Pro - In Bolivia’s Amazon tensions are rising over a boom in wildcat gold mining that is driving a surge in imports of mercury used to extract the precious metal and is sparking conflict between small-scale prospectors and local indigenous groups.

Navigating mining challenges on the road to America’s EV future

Mining News Pro - As the US accelerates the transition to the electric vehicle (EV) era and a greener economy, obtaining the minerals and metals required for EV batteries remains a challenge.

Will mining be a bottleneck in the transition to a net zero economy?

Mining News Pro - In the transition towards clean energies and the associated growth in demand for minerals, with lithium consumption expected to increase sixfold by 2030, boosting mining production without damaging the environment is one of the greatest challenges.

Vale creates $100 million venture capital arm to spur mining innovation

Mining News Pro - Vale SA, the world’s No. 2 iron ore producer and one of the biggest nickel suppliers, has created a corporate venture capital arm to back startups focused on developing game-changing innovations for mining and metals challenges.

The mining tailings problem

Mining News Pro - Antofagasta Minerals will have to improve its tailings management in response to sanctions issued by Chilean environmental authority SMA.

Consolidation in gold mining sector to continue

Mining News Pro - While organic growth in the mining industry has stagnated over the years, consolidation in the gold sector is still expected to continue as management teams look to grow their production profiles and replenish their project pipelines via the merger and acquisition (M&A) arena versus the riskier route of developing their own greenfield projects, says CreditSights in its latest gold mining sector outlook report.

Digitalization in mining is the future

Mining News Pro - As digitalization in mining comes to the forefront, the functions of a connected mine – things like automation, mixed reality, and IoT-driven temperature sensors – will require a purpose-built network that delivers reliability and security.

What is the Legal Landscape of the Mining Industry in 2022?

Mining News Pro - Trends influencing business sectors across the world – such as ESG, anti-corruption and transparency – are reflected in the mining industry.

Mining in DRC costs people and the environment

Mining News Pro - The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is rich in natural resources – its untapped deposits of minerals are estimated to be worth US$24 trillion. Gold, diamonds, cobalt and zinc are among them.

Peru president replaces mining minister as crisis escalates

Mining News Pro - Peru President Pedro Castillo replaced four ministers amid a mining and fertilizer crisis and after lawmakers presented motions to censure some members of the cabinet.

Can mining clean up its carbon footprint?

Mining News Pro - Mining remains one of the most energy-intensive industries in Australia. Can the industry clean up its carbon footprint?

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