Midhco was rewarded in the International Knowledge Management conference (KM4D)

Mining News Pro - The fourth International Knowledge Management conference with the approach of hyman excellence has taken place in Iran with the cooperation of Khatam University, Austria Management Academy and Iran Management academy.

Midhco is the pioneer of mining private sector

Mining News Pro - Five major projects of Middle East Mines & Mineral Industries Development Holding Company (Midhco) have been inaugurated.

The 11th period of visiting Midhco projects in the year 1400

Mining News Pro - Ali Asghar Pourmand, CEO of Midhco Holding, visited the holding’s projects for the 11th time in this year.

Exploitation of Midhco Holding projects; Completing the country's mineral production cycle

Mining News Pro - Iran’s mineral production cycle is going to be completed by inaugurating 5 major national mineral projects by Midhco.

Midhco’s meeting with the presence of President of the International Public Relations Association

In this meeting Philippe Borremans demanded more business relations with MIDHCO.

Fourth round of MIDHCO's projects visit

Mining News Pro - Chief executive of MIDHCO visited the ongoing projects of this company in May.

The second visit to Midhco's projects took place in 2021

Mining News Pro - The second period of visiting the projects of Midhco Company in 1400 was done by CEO of Midhco on April 13th and 14th.

First survey of MIDHCO projects in the new year

The first visit to Midhco`s projects in the new year was conducted by the CEO of Midhco on Sunday, April 28th.

MIDHCO: Commencement of operation in one of the largest steel projects in Iran

With the presence of MIHDCO’s chief executive, Zarand Iranian Steel Co. has been exploited.

MIDHCO received an organizational excellence reward

Mining News Pro - Eighteenth Organization Excellence Ceremony of Iran has been held in 5th of March and Midhco received an award.

MIDHCO received a social responsibility award for the second year in a row

Mining News Pro - Iran Management Association held the fifth national conference of “Organizational culture with a crisis management approach” in February in Khatam university.

Midhco helps to complete the value-added chain of steel in Kerman province

Mining News Pro - Minister of mine, industry and trade said that currently we are in an economic war and the investors must try their best for economy boom and employment.

21st visit of Midhco projects

Mining News Pro - Periodic visits of Midhco’s chief executive has be done for the 21st time this year.

How did steel supply structures affect MIDHCO?

Mining News Pro - Chief executive of MIDHCO holding in Iran said that steel supply structures has affected its financial performance.

Midhco and Iran Alumina won the Mining Productivity Award

Mining News Pro - Midhco and Iran Alumina Co. has earned the 7th Productivity and Mining Industry award.

Midhco`s effective actions to win the statue in the 7th Mining Productivity and Mining Industries Award

Mining News Pro - Chief executive of MIDHCO described the company’s effective actions that wins them the prize.

The 15th visit of Midhco company’s projects by the CEO

Mining News Pro - The CEO of Midhco company visits the company’s projects on a regular basis, as he did on the 19th and 20th of October.

Midhco Gained the Social Responsibility Prize

Mining News Pro - Third National Conference of Organizational Culture has been held in Khatam University in Iran and Midhco succeeded to gain the social responsibility.

MIDHCO Ready for the Inauguration of Three Steel Chain Plans in Kerman

Mining News Pro - Tomorrow, three steel chain projects will be inaugurated with the presence of Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and the vice president in Kerman province.

Production of 21 million tons of iron ore pelleted by the end of October / 36 percent growth compared to the same period of the previous year / production at MIDHCO increased by 60 percent to 2.8 million tons

Mining News Pro - The statistics show that 24 million tonnes of iron ore pellets were produced by large companies over the past 7 months.

Bardsir Steel Casting Line was launched / MIDHCO steel production chain was completed and the first steel ingot was produced.

Mining News Pro - By the launch of the continuous casting line of the Bardsir Steel Works, which was attended by the company`s CEO and a team of managers and practitioners of this complex, the MIDHCO steel production chain was completed and the first steel ingot was produced.

MIDHCO Stock Market Growth Potential 2019-20

Mining News Pro - Tehran Stock Exchange’s main index, TEDPIX, has posted a return on investment of 31% from early September until the end of last week. The rapid growth has been particularly spectacular in the metals and minerals group.

MIDHCO entry from the prosthetic phase to operation

Mining News Pro -  The thirty sixth meeting of Midwest executives was held with the theme of the 9th month financial performance report for 2017 and 2018, and the plans for the next 3 months in the MIDHCO Amphitheater.

MIDHCO defeated the record of the completion rate of the mining industry projects

Mining News Pro - MIDHCO contributes 8 million tons of concentrate production, 7.5 million tons of pellet production, 3 million tons of sponge iron, and 4.2 million tons of steel in the country.

MIDHCO on the ascent

Mining News Pro -  Analysis shows that the Middle East Mining and Mining Industries (MIDHCO) parent company is on the upside, and the third wave is on its way.

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