Chadormalu Mining Co. among the major producers of Concentrate in Iran

Mining News Pro - According to published statistics on the performance of 9 iron ore production units in the country including Sabanour, Golgohar Mining, Chadormalu Mining and etc, during the first quarter of this year, 11 million 913 thousand 536 tons of iron ore has been produced which shows a 2 percent decrease compared to the same period last year.

ESCO among the pioneers of construction steel industry in Iran

Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel Company has been producing construction steel products from the old days and added to its variety of products during this time.

The increase in the purchase of bauxite required for Iranian alumina from the private sector has doubled

Mining News Pro - CEO of Jajarm Alumina Complex said that the private sector now supplies 5 percent of the bauxite needed for the complex, which will double by the end of this year.

Nicico among the largest shareholders of Iran’s mining projects

Mining News Pro - 21 projects in the mining and mineral industries are ready to be inaugurated; Nicico and Golgohar Co. have the largest share.

GolGohar Co. and Nicico have the largest share in Iran’s mining projects

Mining News Pro - 21 projects in the mining and mineral industries are ready to be inaugurated; Nicico and Golgohar Co. have the largest share.

New partnership between Department of Iran’s Environment and HOSCO

Mining News Pro - Chief executive of HOSCO held a meeting with the manager of Department of Environment on the occasion of environment week in Iran.

MSC’s products are one of the bests in Iran

Mining News Pro - According to the Quality Manager of Sepehr Electric Co. no company in Iran is able to compete with steel coils of Mobarakeh Steel Company.

Huge potential of HOSCO for development projects in Iran

Mining News Pro - Chief executive of HOSCO is grateful about the company’s current situation and believes that there is a huge potential for development projects.

Mobarakeh Steel Company is a pioneer in localization in the Iran's industry

Mining News Pro - It is about three decades that Mobarakeh Steel Company is in the frontline of localization.

MSC's role in Iran's production jump

Mining News Pro - MSC’s PR manager said that last year this company successfully achieved new records in production, sales, exports, and new products.

MIDHCO: Commencement of operation in one of the largest steel projects in Iran

With the presence of MIHDCO’s chief executive, Zarand Iranian Steel Co. has been exploited.

Iran’s first 300mm slab has been produced by Oxin Steel Co

Mining News Pro - Oxin steel company is the first to produce 300mm slab in Iran which is the most large and resistant.

Employment of 1500 people during this year in Iranian Alumina Complex

Mining News Pro - According to the company, the aluminum ingots production plant will reach full production capacity by the end of February.

First phase of Iran’s alumina ingot will be ready in February

Mining News Pro - CEO of Iran’s Alumina Complex said that first phase of aluminum ingots production will be completed in February.

Nicico’s director of supervision and planning announced;

Iran has 38 million tons of bauxite reserve

Mining News Pro - Nicico’s director of supervision and planning announced in the Third Conference and Exhibition of the Perspective of Iran`s Non-Ferrous Metals Industry that Iran is the seventh country in the world in terms of copper reserves.

Boutia development and engineering unit has been chosen for the best R&D unit in Iran

Mining News Pro - In the 9th Research and Technology Festival and Iran’s 6th exhibition of research and technology achievements took place in the ministry of mine, industry and trade.

Chief executive of Bank Mellat;

Nicico is the pride of Iran’s economy

Mining News Pro - CEO of Bank Mellat said that Nicico is one of their important, major and effective customers.

MSC is a leading company in digital mining in Iran

Mining News Pro - Aimed at solving technological challenges in reverse pitch event, Steel Digital Transformation Innovation Center of Iran visited the production lines of MSC’s knowledge-based companies.

KSC is the top steel company in Iran

Mining News Pro - This is an odd year for steel companies in Iran. While MSC and ESCO’s profitabilities were -15% and -25% respectively, Khouzestan steel’s profitability is 9%.

Midhco and Iran Alumina won the Mining Productivity Award

Mining News Pro - Midhco and Iran Alumina Co. has earned the 7th Productivity and Mining Industry award.

Iranian, Australian officials meet to debate further cooperation in mining industry

Mining News Pro - On Saturday, a meeting was held between the Australian Ambassador to Iran Lyndall Sachs and the Head of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) Khodadad Gharibpour in order to debate the growth of mining collaboration between the two nations.

11 Percent Jump in Iran’s DRI Production

Mining News Pro - Direct reduced unites has succeeded to produce more than 5.5 million tons of DRI in last two months.

Capacity of Iran’s Pellet and Concentrate Expanded by Extra 5m Tons

Mining News Pro - Chairman of the board of IMIDRO said that a 2.5m tons plant opened recently in the first phase and in the second phase another 2.5m ton plant will be opened in the next 40 to 50 days.

ESCO’s Target Is the Full Expansion of Railroad Transportation in Iran

Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel Company held a meeting on June 9, discussing the obstacles which are currently an issue for railroad transportation in Iran.

Maduro to tap sanctioned dealmaker to ship gold to Iran

Mining News Pro - An indicted financier accused by the U.S. of developing Venezuela’s gold-for-food trade with Turkey is helping orchestrate a similar swap with Iran involving gold for gasoline products, according to seven people familiar with the matter.

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