Steel industry emissions to decline 30% by 2050

Mining News Pro - Steel industry’s carbon emissions are expected to fall 30% by 2050 compared to 2021 levels, according to a new report by Wood Mackenzie.

Canada, industry in talks to cement future carbon price hikes

Mining News Pro - The Canadian government is in talks with heavy industrial emitters about ways to ensure Ottawa’s planned carbon price increases will remain in place even if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is voted out of power.

Call for more protection for coal industry

Mining News Pro - Adani Australia chief executive officer and Country Head Lucas Dow has called on all political parties to protect the nation’s prosperity by ensuring coal communities can access reasonably priced finance and insurance services.

Industry-first product supports autonomous mining operations

Mining News Pro - Dust control specialist Global Road Technology (GRT) is launching an industry-first platform developed specifically to support the optimal usage of autonomous vehicles and equipment across the mining sector.

Rules of women in the mining industry should be more

Mining News Pro - The number of women working in Chile’s mining sector grew by 40% in the past 12 months, according to a new report by the National Mining Society (Sonami).

China's steel industry consolidation speeds up

Mining News Pro - China's largest steelmaker Baowu Group is taking majority control of a steel company in the Jiangxi province, fast-tracking the company's consolidation plan and boosting production capacity at time of heightened emphasis on decarbonization.

Musk’s tweets fuel mining industry’s hopes of a buyout by Tesla

Mining News Pro - Elon Musk’s recent musings that high lithium prices may force Tesla to make its own supply of the electric vehicle battery metal have fueled hopes by some that the billionaire entrepreneur will instead opt for a buyout of an established mining company.

Mining is the industry most at risk for fraud

Mining News Pro - SEON reported that despite the increase in reported fraud cases and the large median financial loss, the median financial loss in mining fraud has decreased in the last four years – by 5%.

From Tesla to New technologies, what is happening in litium industry?

Mining News - Rio Tinto, General Motors and even the US Energy Department are investing heavily in a crop of newer technologies that could revolutionize the way lithium is produced for electric vehicle batteries.

European Steel Industry After Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Mining News Pro - Russia is the world's fifth biggest steel producer, while Ukraine comes in at 14th. The two combined account for a fifth of imports to the European Union.

Mining industry joins opposition to Brazil indigenous land bill

Mining News Pro - There is a notable opponent to the Brazilian government’s plans to allow mining on indigenous lands — the mining industry itself.

Ontario aims to boost EV industry as it announces first critical minerals strategy

Mining News Pro - As part of its five-year critical minerals strategy announced today, Ontario will invest C$24 million over three years in its Junior Exploration Program, half of which will be invested for a critical minerals funding stream, and C$5 million for a critical minerals innovation fund.

Russia and Ukraine Conflict affcted the Steel Industry

Mining News Pro - All Industries and Trade Forum president Badish Jindal said that the state owned steel companies have also increased their rates by Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000 per tonne from March 1.

Tranquil valley’s triumph over coal shows hurdles for industry

Mining News Pro - In the Bylong Valley in the verdant hills of southeastern Australia, a community’s victory over a planned coal mine shows the rising opposition that’s stalling new supply of the fuel and pushing prices higher.

Newmont declares industry-leading dividend

Mining News Pro - The board of the world’s largest gold miner, Newmont Corporation, has declared a fourth-quarter dividend of 55c per common share, maintaining its position as the highest dividend yield in the industry.

Developing rail network is one of Iran’s Steel Industry Challenges

Mining News Pro - A member of the chairman of the board in Esfahan Steel Co. said that this company is the only producer of rails in Iran and tries to fulfill the duties.

Vale is getting back on top of the iron industry as Rio stumbles

Mining News Pro - Vale SA has closed the iron-ore production gap with its main rival Rio Tinto Group, and is even expected to report slightly higher output in the fourth quarter.

Why the mining industry’s boardrooms need to believe in ESG

Mining News Pro - The concept of environmental and social governance (ESG) has evolved from an acronym which caught on as a dialect of ‘sustainability’, to actions that are critical to the sustainable success of a mining company.

Aluminum Prices will create another Pinch Point for Auto Industry

Mining News Pro - Tensions between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine are exacerbating a shakeout in the aluminum sector, which has been hammered by rising power prices over the past year.

Far from dying, the coal industry is actually booming

Mining News Pro - In late 2021, diplomats spent hours arguing over whether to "phase-out" or "phase-down" coal in the final communique of the COP26 climate change summit. Under pressure from China and India, the watered-down second choice prevailed. Still, it was good enough for the United Nations to proclaim that the dirtiest fuel was being "consigned to history."

Top Trends and Opportunities for the Mining Industry in 2022

Mining News Pro - We look at 5 trends and opportunities for 2022 mining

Omicron Wave Hits the Mining Industry

Mining News Pro - It has been nearly 2 years since the coronavirus hit the global and put different impacts on the industries and especially mining. Mining has faced with different types of this virus and now the new type which is called omicron has come off. The new type which is killing people around the world is now a new concern for the mining industry however in the past week some got damages from it.

Panama’s industry chamber warns against using royalty increase to First Quantum for political gain

Mining News Pro - Panama’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (CCIAP) issued a communiqué this week saying that its members hope the recent royalty agreement between the government and Minera Panama is carried out in a transparent manner and that the extra funds the state will receive are not used for political gain.

EV industry moving in right direction to close gap with internal combustion engines

Mining News Pro - Although there is still a way to go for electric vehicles to close the performance, safety, and cost gap with internal combustion engines, a recent report by IDTechEx says some specific moves by the EV industry are steps in the right direction.

Indonesia holds talks with industry on coal distribution problems

Mining News Pro - Indonesia is yet to reach a decision on lifting its coal export ban as authorities discussed overcoming logistic issues that have slowed efforts to distribute coal to domestic power plants, a mining group executive said on Sunday.

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