Energy restrictions did not affect Hormozgan Steel production process

Mining News Pro - CEO of Hormozgan Steel Company said that despite the difficulties, energy restrictions such as gas and electricity, the company kept growing.

Hormozgan Steel Company receives the statue of customer satisfaction

Mining News Pro - HOSCO received the customer satisfaction award in the Eleventh Conference of Customer satisfaction in Iran.

Hormozgan Steel is a leading company in developing projects

Mining News Pro - Chief executive of HOSCO said that during the last 7 months the company has experienced a good progress in developing projects.

Hormozgan Steel is the flagship of expense reduction

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel Company has the lowest cost of production among steel companies.

Hormozgan Steel Company’s Slab: One of the Most Valuable Mineral Export Products

Mining News Pro - HOSCO’s slab and MSC’s coil is among the most valuable export products Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries Special Economic Zone.

Hormozgan Steel Company Broke the Record of Annual DRI Production

Mining News Pro - HOSCO broke the record of DRI production this year.

Hormozgan Steel Company Experienced a 627 Percent Growth

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel Co. earned 953 IRRs per share in the first 9 months which had a 627 percent growth compared to the last year.

Hormozgan Steel Company: The Future Major Player of Iran Steel Industry

Mining News Pro - CEO of HOSCO: Hormozgan Steel Company is going to build a localized plant of hot rolling with the help of knowledge-based companies.

Production of 5 Grid Alloy During the Last Four Months by Hormozgan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - Deputy Exploitation of Hormozgan Steel Co. said that since the year 2015, due to market situation and stagnation, localization of consuming materials was one of the strategies to reduce the costs.

5.4 Growth for Hormozgan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel company (HOSCO) produced 1.3 million tons of slabs steel in the first nine months of last year and this year, this company grew by 5.4 percent by reaching 1.88 million tons.

Realization of 835 Rials of Hormozgan Steel in the first half of the year / Growth of 957% of Hormoz`s profit compared to the previous year

Mining News Pro - The excellent Hormozgan steel report from the first six months of the year led to the purchase of this subset of Mobarakeh Steel.

Positive adjustment of Hormozgan steel dividends this year / Hormozgan steel was 476 Rials of profit per share

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel has announced a massive change in the forecast of earnings per share this year, with the release of information on the Kodal system.

Hormozgan steel sales growth exceeded 1,650 billion USD in the first half of this year

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel released its first half-year sales and sales report, which earned 394,523,810 US dollars in the first half of the year, up 39% from the same period last year.

Chadormalu Capital Increases 30-40% on ChadormaLo`s Agenda with Golgohar and Hormozgan Steel in Australian Mines

Mining News Pro - The latest status of Chadormalo`s plans was reviewed, with the latest status of steel mill projects and capacity increase of up to 1,300,000 tons, a plan to produce 450,000 tons of rebar, investment in Australian mines and an increase of 40 percent.

Market regulation guidelines have become a serious challenge for steelmakers / Hormozgan steel Co. has export-oriented nature.

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel Sales Director said: "In all advanced economies, prices are determined on the basis of supply and demand." Basically, stock exchange is also formed for this purpose. The stock exchange is created to discover the price. If the price is determined in an orderly manner, the existential philosophy of the stock exchange will be eliminated and, in fact, we will roll back to the time before the stock exchange is established.

Hormozgan Steel Co. shut off it`s furnace to keep the city on

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel Co., with its energy saving power of 120 megawatts, at the time of peak time, with the removal of one of the furnaces produced its commitment to social responsibility in the field of energy.

Hormozgan Steel Preparation to Supply 600,000 Tons of Commodity Exchange

Mining News Pro - At the first Hormozgan Steel Conference with domestic customers in order to develop and participate in the market, the CEO of Hormozgan Steel Co. co-operation and cooperation and in a team of steel chain is the secret to overcoming the sanctions.

Hormozgan Steel Co. became the industrial unit of Hormozgan province

Mining News Pro - The celebration of the highlights of the industry and mining of Hormozgan province was held at the presence of the chairman of the board of support of the country`s industries, the governor and the representatives of the city of Bandar Abbas in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and the Hormozgan Steel Company was introduced as the superior production unit of the province.

The year 2017 will be a turning point in the Hormozgan Steel Company

Mining News : In June, Hormozgan Steel Company completed three records in steel mills, direct revitalization and casting, and completed the first quarter of 1397 with the hope of fulfilling its nominal capacity by the end of 1397.

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