Falling stocks pose problems for London Metal Exchange

Mining News Pro - What happens when the market of last resort, the London Metal Exchange (LME), runs out of metal? And should it then restrict the right to take metal out of its warehouses if the result is price distortion?

What happens when the world’s key metal exchange has no metal?

Mining News Pro - What happens when the London Metal Exchange runs out of metal? That’s the question the exchange is urgently trying to address for its flagship copper contract, which sets the global price for one of the world’s most important commodities.

Wild markets gatecrash London Metal Exchange Week party

Mining News Pro - This year’s London Metal Exchange (LME) Week was a subdued affair by comparison with past excess.

Mobarakeh Steel Co. supply nearly 200 thousand tons of hot rolled coil in commodity exchange

Mining News Pro - Iran’s Industrial and Mining Commodity Exchange Market will be supplied by 199,980 tons of hot rolled coil by Mobarakeh Steel Company in August 30, 2021.

Danakali to leave London Stock Exchange

Mining News Pro - Australia’s potash miner Danakali (ASX, LON: DNK) has requested a cancellation of its listing on the London Stock Exchange, expected to be effective on Sept. 24.

Endeavour Mining debuts on London Stock Exchange

Mining News Pro - Canada’s Endeavour Mining (TSX: EDV), West Africa’s top gold producer, began trading in London on Monday under the same ticker symbol it has in Toronto — EDV.

Offering 100 thousand tons of iron ore and concentrate in commodity exchange by Chadormalu

Mining News Pro - Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company will offer 50 thousand tons of concentrate and 50 thousand tons of iron ore in commodity exchange.

Copper price falls amid rising exchange inventories

Mining News Pro - Copper prices fell on Monday amid rising exchange inventories and signs of weakening demand from top consumer China weighed on sentiment.

Zimbabwe miners say foreign-exchange rule could trigger crisis

Mining News Pro - Mining companies in Zimbabwe said a central-bank requirement compelling them to surrender more foreign exchange earned from mineral exports will push their operations to the brink.

Angola readies to launch diamond exchange in 2021

Mining News Pro - The government of Angola said on Tuesday it has identified key steps it needs to take before launching its own diamond exchange in Luanda, which is slated to open by the end of 2021.

Caledonia mulls listing on new Zimbabwe stock exchange

Mining News Pro - Caledonia Mining Corp is considering listing on Zimbabwe’s new stock exchange, ten days before trading on the bourse is scheduled to start.

Yamana Gold to begin trading on London Stock Exchange

Mining News Pro - Canada’s Yamana Gold has been officially admitted on the London Stock Exchange, one of the world’s oldest markets, where it will begin trading its shares next week under the ticker AUY.

MSC is the only supplier of flat steel products in commodity exchange

Mining News Pro - Last month Iran’s ministry of industry, mine and trade released an instruction which made the Iranian steelmakers to tender their products in the exchange market.

Gold fever in 2020 means exchange

Mining News Pro - In the nineteenth century California gold rush, the surest way to a fortune, according to Mark Twain, was to be in the “pick and shovel business.”

Exchange control lifting sends strong growth message

Mining News Pro - The lifting of exchange control by South Africa sends a really strong message about the country’s desire to promote investment and growth, says Anglo American FD Stephen Pearce.

London Metal Exchange to test alternate ring trading site on Friday

Mining News Pro - The London Metal Exchange (LME) will move its open-outcry trading to a disaster recovery site northeast of London on Friday to test the operations, it said on Tuesday.

The increase in nickel prices in the global markets / nickel sulfide fell on the London Metal Exchange

Mining News Pro - Nickel rose on the London Metal Exchange with a quarter-on-quarter rise to $ 1130 and $ 930 a barrel at $ 145 a barrel, with an immediate increase of $ 11,860 and $ 50.

Reasons for US boycott against Mobarakeh and Calcimine Co./ Exchange of commodity exchange is the way to deal with sanctions against companies

Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel Co. and Calcimine Co., along with a number of banks, were listed on the US Department of the Daily Sweepstakes SDN, due to a stocktaking association with last night`s mobilization. Their property in the United States is blocked and American citizens are not allowed to communicate with them and will be subject to secondary sanctions.

The shares value of Mining and Mining Industries of Iran reached $ 47,142,857,143 on the stock exchange /Earned the second place in the investment of the stock by the mining and mineral sector

Mining News Pro - Mining and mining companies account for about a quarter of Tehran`s stock exchange.

Mobarakeh Steel Co. and NICICO have the most market value in Tehran Stock Exchange

Mining News Pro - At present, the price of a share of two companies is less than 1000 Rials, which is the reduction in the number of shares below this price due to recent stock prices of the stock index.

Steel exports are conditional / steelmakers are allowed to export on a stock exchange

Mining News Pro - Director General of the Mining Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade said: the liberation of the ceiling for competition in the gas reserves for steel will definitely have a positive impact on the market in the short term.

Nickel prices on the London Stock Exchange rose

Mining News Pro - Nickel prices on the London Metal Exchange have risen to $ 12,600 a tonne.

Supply of 20 kilograms of gold bullion on stock exchanges

Mining News Pro - Today, 20kg of gold bullion will be offered at the International Industrial and Mining Forum.

The steel competition will be lifted on the stock exchange

Mining News Pro - Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade at the Tehran Chamber meeting announced the lifting of the ceiling for steel products on the Commodity Exchange.

Steel is discovered at the exchange rate

Mining News Pro - A market capitalist said that it`s time to rely on the supply and demand mechanism, and within the framework of the stock exchange, the price of steel on the margin of the market is discounted and, as far as possible, go away from the price quotation.

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