C60 ingot production in Esfahan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - In line with the production of high added value productions, the production of C60 ingots was included in the steelmaking management program and 7000 tons of this sample were produced.

New monthly production record in Esfahan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - ESCO recorded a new production amount of molten cast iron by three long furnaces.

176.9 Million Dollars of Revenue for Esfahan Steel Company in Q1

Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel Company has established its Q1 performance from selling the products that had 116 percent of growth compared to the last year.

Esfahan Steel Company Intends to Increase the Exports by 40 Percent

Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel’s Deputy of Operation said: “In the first two months, export rate was exactly what we expected and it is expected that the production of cast iron and the exports of the company will continue growing until the end of the year.”

Esfahan Steel Company Will Have the Least Dependence to Zayandeh Rood in the Next Four Years

Mining News Pro - CEO of Esfahan Steel Company said: “Last Year, we had a difficult situation because of sanctions, but with the aid local employees (5800 person), our company had a good progress inproduction.”

No More Retained Losses for Esfahan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - The company will have profit distribution next year.

The Growth in Esfahan Steel Company Productions

Mining News Pro - The production volume of Esfahan Steel Company (ESC) has been increased by 23 percent last year. Meanwhile, due to the growth of selling rate, the company’s income has been increased in comparison with two years ago, but sales has been declined by 39 percent.

Esfahan Steel Company Established an Annual Record in the Last Year

Mining News Pro - Despite the problems like water, raw material supply and etc. this company has done good in the last year. One of the three records of the annual production of Esfahan Iron and Steel History with a production of two million and 400 thousand tons with two blast furnaces was recorded.

First Time in Iran: Production of IPN200 by Esfahan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - Engineers of Esfahan Steel Co. has succeeded to produce IPN200 with EN10024 PART and DIN1025 standards.

Esfahan Steel Company Founder of Modern Mining Activities in Iran

Mining News Pro - CEO of Esfahan Steel Company: Currently, we are facing the things like sanctions and fake news of foreign news agencies against Iran. In this situation, industries like ESCo tries to increase their productions in order to overcome these problems.

Half of Iran`s people are considered the shareholders of Esfahan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - The sixty-eighth meeting of the Public Relations Association of Esfahan Province was hosted by Esfahan Steel in November 13 with the participation of the Esfahan people`s representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, as well as Yazdi Zadeh, Managing Director of Esfahan Steel Co., and a group of public relations officers and government officers.

Esfahan Steel Company has called its shareholders

Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel Company The General Assembly holds an extraordinary general meeting for the current fiscal year.

Readiness of the railway to deliver 2 thousand tons of rails from Esfahan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - The railway company is ready to deliver 40,000 tons of rails, and if the Esfahan Steel Company produces this volume of rails, it will be contracted for delivery.

Esfahan Steel Company Board of Directors agreed with the company`s capital increase

Mining News Pro - The board of Esfahan Steel Company agreed to increase the company`s capital from the surplus revaluation reserve for machinery and equipment, as well as valuation of assets.

The National Award for Social Responsibility was awarded to Esfahan Steel Company

Mining News Pro - In the year of supporting Iranian goods, the National Social Responsibility Award for the first time in the country was granted by the Iranian Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization to Esfahan Steel Company.

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