Sabanour’s main branding strategy is increasing the quality
Friday, June 17, 2022 - 19:36:54

Ardeshir Sadmohammadi, visited Sabanour Mining Company’s developing projects. BabaAli and Galali are the two current developing projects of this company.

BabaAli mine is located 35 kilometers outside of Hamedan with 5 total anomalies. Currently, two anomalies are being extracted and it has about 4 million tons of definite reserves, with an annual extraction

tonnage of 600,000 tons.

Galali mine is located 25 kilometers outside Gharaveh village (Kordestan province) which has 2 active anomalies. This area has about 18 million tons of reserves and its annual extraction tonnage is 500,000 tons.

During his visits, Sadmohammadi also visited Hamedan Pelletizing Plant, West Steel Co, and Hamedan Concentrate Plant.’s main branding strategy is increasing the quality
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