New record for DRI production in HOSCO
Monday, June 7, 2021 - 18:04:26

According to Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel Company has set a new record for DRI production in this company in May.

“In May 2021, our company succeeded to produce 83,082 tons of DRI which are higher than the previous record last year (81,040 tons),” said Maroufkhani, CEO of Hormozgan Steel Company.

Also, he emphasized on the problematic obstacles in this industry and believes that by forming special committees regarding this issue, these barriers could be removed.

These obstacles are divided into two categories: Intra-organizational and extra-organizational. 

“Intra-organizational barriers could be removed by strategic actions, targeting, and precise planning,” he added.

“In the direct reduction unit, we intend to increase the production of DRI to one million and 720 thousand tons this year. This exceeds 70 thousand tons than the nominal capacity of HOSCO’s DRI unit,” he explained. record for DRI production in HOSCO
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