Chadormalu is the leading company in social responsibilities of Yazd
Monday, December 7, 2020 - 6:24:07 PM

According to Mining News Pro -In a meeting to review the plans and programs for the development of Chadormalu company, which was held in Yazd province, the governor of Yazd said that this company is the leading company in social responsibilities and also the development of province.

“By implementing Chadormalu projects we solved some of the region’s challenges like employment. Even now, very good programs and plans for development have been presented by this company, which we expect to be implemented with investors’ support,” Talebi, Yazd’s governor said.

Modares Khiabani, CEO of Omid Investment group and one of the main shareholders of Chadormalu, believes in completing the production chain and observing downstream businesses.

“Fortunately, Chadormalu has always been among the leaders in this field and reason for that is their chief executive,” he added.

Naser Taghizade, chief executive of Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Co., said that the company is ready to explore all the mineral areas of Yazd province. We are serious about our decision; therefore, the mining company is trying to provide deep drilling machines.

“We have some production plans in the hand such as pellet, DRI, steel coils, ferroalloy industry, and some steel downstream plans,” Taghizade added. is the leading company in social responsibilities of Yazd
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