Rail is a profitable production for ESCO
Sunday, November 29, 2020 - 4:45:43 PM

According to Mining News Pro - The company increased the production as sales of different types of rails that is being used in mining, metro, railroad, mining arcs, and industrial rebars. Due to the high added value of this product, it has a higher price and has led to 57% jump in ESCO’s sales.

Behzad Karami, marketing deputy of Esfahan Steel Company confirmed that in the first half of this year, the sales amount has been increased by 57%.

“In order to provide currency and raw materials for the company, especially coke and coal, ESCO sends half of its products to global markets,” he said.

“We witnessed an increase in ESCO rail’s production and sales during the first half of the year. This product is usable in mining, metro, railroad, industrial rebars, also in the copper industry,” Karami explained.

He mentioned the increasing trend of rail production and said that by launching a new blast furnace, this trend will continue.


News by: Faranak Jalali Farahani

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