Deputy of Exploitation of ESCO;
ESCO exports half of its products
Saturday, October 24, 2020 - 5:06:07 PM

Mehrdad Tavalayian said that all of Esfahan Steel Company’s products which contain rebar, girder, angle iron, arcs, industrial rebar, and rail is produced under Iran and global standard quality.

“All products have Iran standards. Even if a client asks for a product that does not include the standards, ESCO will not produce it. The reason is that our outlook is exports”, Tavalayian said.

He says that certainly complying these standards increases the companies costs but our policy is not to omit the standards.

“If all factories comply these global standards and authorities support them, then we will see a fair competition in the market. Currently the lack of this patronage causes the unfair competition,” he explained.

“Domestic market is not the only target for Esfahan Steel Company and our outlook is exports. Global market is our target therefore we comply global standards.” exports half of its products
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