Mining Book Introduction;
Modern Management in the Global Mining Industry
Monday, March 23, 2020 - 5:08:25 PM

According to Mining News Pro - This weeks’ book is “Modern Management in the Global Mining Industry”. It describes and discusses about modern mining challenges.

According to the description in the book “Mines have long lives, companies have little control over the prices at which they sell, prices are volatile, and the environmental impacts of mining are often not well managed. Despite this, the mining industry has received relatively little attention from neither economists nor the wider business community. There is a need to address the unique management challenges raised by this globally important industry.”

“Modern Management in the Global Mining Industry addresses the economics of mining industries and the management of global mining companies in a manner which is both practical and guided by economic and management theory.”

The book has three authors:
- Robin Adams who is a minerals economist.
- Christopher Gilbert. He is an Adjunct Professor at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.
- Christopher Stobart worked in the publishing industry and then as a financial journalist before joining CRU International in 1976.
This book is suggested for the activists who wants to know about commodity price forecasting, the marketing of commodities, the Role of commodity exchanges in pricing, performance improvement of and capital productivity and etc. Management in the Global Mining Industry
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