Iran Is Among the Largest Producers of Steel in Asia
Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 2:43:03 PM

According to Mining News Pro - This year, Iranian Steel Market Conference and Expo took place in IRIB Conference Center in Tehran, and Seyed Aameer Chishti, Senior Manager of SteelMint told Mining News Agency during and interview: "I believe Iran is among the largest producers and of steel and exports in Asia. Iran has a lot of potential to produce, export and being a leader in steel industry in Middle Asia."

He also said: "Iran has planned to produce about 55 million tons of crude steel in the coming year, so the foreign companies should come and should see the opportunities of Iran steel industry. It is a good place for investment. Few foreign companies in DRI and billet production has already invested. In addition, there are talks between Iranian companies and China to explore new opportunities for mutual trade between these two countries."

He mentioned about Iran`s relations with India and stated: "India is planning to export electrodes, which is a critical raw material for steel making. Although, in December in India has exported 2 thousand tons of electrodes to Iran and this will increase in the future. China is another market for India but Iran has a lot of potential for us to increase the export volume. If the production of crude steel increase, the demand for raw materials especially ferroalloys will increase too. India export ferromanganese and ferrosilicon manganese to Iran.

Iran have broken all the records. Despite the fact that they are imposed by economic sanctions of United States of America, other countries are struggling to do trade with Iran." Is Among the Largest Producers of Steel in Asia
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