CEO of Mobarakeh Steel emphasized:
Mobarakeh Steel Dynamics Continues to Further Study of Internal Markets and Global Development and Product Diversification
Sunday, October 21, 2018 - 12:47:32 PM

According to Mining News Pro -Hamid Reza Azimian said: "We need to provide conditions for improving the level of human satisfaction so that they will continue to build on the welfare and commitment to production and create added value for the country."

 He added: "In the Mobarakeh Steel Group, we have been constantly exploiting various development and successes in the national and international arena. Therefore, the general public believes that the company is dynamic and alive. Here, it is our duty to maintain this dynamic through the development and diversification of products and the further study of domestic and global markets.

 Azimian remarked that Mobarakeh Steel not only did not limit itself to a purely traditional presence, but also strives to promote its dynamism more than ever, using more modern technologies. . Certainly, we will not make any effort to continue this successful path, with the help of both producing more and completing the production chain.

 He stated that he should be strong enough to have no adverse effect on global business and market developments, adding that "we have to prepare the company to face any situation that will be in the midst of all employees` cooperation and reflection." In this regard, we must carefully evaluate and delineate the possible obstacles and take them forward, and we will succeed in bringing this important responsibility to the end.

 Mobarakeh Steel`s CEO likened the development of Mobarakeh Steel to the two-relay race, and emphasized that many honorable people have been bothered since the founding of the company to make Mobarakeh steel the largest steelmaking group in the country and the Middle East; therefore, it must be appreciated by the efforts. To continue this process of excellence.

"We must remember that the employees` families believe that in the shadow of God`s favor, the system and management are intended to ensure that the safety and health of the employees in the company are always monitored," he said. Paying attention to this issue is the responsibility of all people, like any national and religious duty. Steel Dynamics Continues to Further Study of Internal Markets and Global Development and Product Diversification
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