MIDHCO defeated the record of the completion rate of the mining industry projects
Sunday, October 7, 2018 - 2:22:06 PM

According to Mining News Pro -Ali Palizdar, deputy executive director and board member of Middle Eastern Mining Industries (MIDHCO), describes MIDHCO`s contribution to the steel industry in Iran, saying: MIDHCO has started its business since the year 88 and is the 10th year that continues its life, and this year 90% of MIDHCO projects will be completed, which is a record in the country`s mineral industry.

Palizard added: The company currently produces 8 million tons of concentrate, 7.5 million tons of pellets, one million tons of sponge iron, 1.1 million tons of coal processing, 800 thousand tons of metallurgical coke and 24 thousand tons of ferro-silicon, and by the end of the year , Two steel making units, including one billion tons of Bardsir Steel, with a capacity of 1.7 million tons, one 400 thousand tons of lime and dolomite, and one unit of 1.1 million tons of coal processing in the Tabas region, will be completed.

The vice chairman and board member of Holding Middlewood said: "Among these projects, the Bhutto Steel plan will remain, which I hope will be operational by next year."

He stated that, in my opinion, a complete beauty in the mineral industry of the country in MIDHCO has occurred and has been able to prove this, he stated: "If we recognize the goal and eliminate the margins, along with the support of a powerful financial system, Difficult to achieve the desired result.

In the end, Palizard said: "MIDHCO projects will end with investment of about 20 trillion dollars, which will play a golden role in the industry and mining sector of the country, reflecting the country`s potential and capabilities."

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