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WA miners mandated to get the jab

WA miners mandated to get the jab
Mining News Pro - The Western Australian government on Tuesday mandated that fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers in the resource sector would need to be fully vaccinated by January 1, 2022.

The ABC quoted Premier Mark McGowan as saying that the vaccination requirement would apply to FIFO and other workers at mining, exploration, oil and gas, and resources sites.

Visitors to mine sites would also need to be fully vaccinated.

Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (Amec) CEO Warren Pearce on Tuesday said that the industry body shared the Premier’s desire to ensure that, in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak in Western Australia, the mining industry was able to continue operating to support the state’s economy.

Resource workers would need to receive their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine by December 1, and be fully vaccinated by January 1.

“The reality of Western Australia avoiding further Covid-19 outbreaks and lockdowns this year appears slim, and we need to be preparing ourselves and our communities for these circumstances.

“With the potential for further outbreaks, comes the risk of serious illness and death in our State, and the best way to prepare and defend against these threats is for as many West Australians as possible to get vaccinated.”

Pearce said that the Western Australian government’s mandate was a significant shift in expectation and requirement by government, and that its member companies would abide by these requirements.

“Our association and member companies have actively been encouraging our workforce to get vaccinated, for the health and safety of themselves, their families and their communities, and a large percentage of the mining industry workforce has already done so voluntarily.”

“Now that this decision has been taken by government, should there be further outbreaks, exploration, mining and mining service companies with a fully vaccinated FIFO/drive-in, drive-out workforce should be allowed to continue to operate, ensuring that our workforce can continue to work.”

Pearce said that it was important to recognise that some people in the resources industry could still be unsure about a vaccination. However, he noted that with the requirement not commencing until December, these workers would have time to consult a medical professional, get the correct information, and make an informed choice.

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