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Global Cement and Concrete Association launches Concrete Action for Climate

Global Cement and Concrete Association launches Concrete Action for Climate
Mining News Pro - The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has launched Concrete Action for Climate (CAC) in partnership with the World Economic Forum.

The GCCA says that CAC will support industry, civil society, governments and investors to coordinate global climate actions towards 2050 net-zero targets. The initiative represents 40% of the global concrete and cement industry through the GCCA and will bring it together with external expertise and influence.

It will achieve its aims by helping to help deliver and coordinate global climate action, stimulating demand for sustainable materials and ensuring appropriate financing and public policy is in place to help the sector reduce its carbon footprint, according to the association.

CAC chair Dominik von Achten said, “Concrete is vital to the development of the modern world, being used to develop key infrastructure like safe homes, bridges and hospitals, as well as supporting the transition to clean energy.

Strong action to improve the sustainability of cement and concrete is already underway, but the industry needs to engage and collaborate with others to help drive collective action towards achieving carbon neutral concrete for the world. Today’s launch of the CAC platform is a great example of such collective action. It’s encouraging and exciting to see influential, global organisations from across the world come together to support the cement and concrete industry on its path to carbon neutrality.”

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